Prime Minister on private visit overseas – OPM clarifies



IMG_1431[] – The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), in a statement on Friday, said PM Moses Nagamootoo and his wife, Mrs Sita Nagamootoo have travelled abroad for a private visit to the United States.

The Office clarified that contrary to speculative media reports the Prime Minister will not travel either to the Middle East or Texas.

Prior to his return to office on Tuesday October 13th, Prime Minister Nagamootoo will conduct official business when he attends and delivers an address at a Business Forum in Toronto, Canada on October 10th.

Ministers Dominic Gaskin and David Patterson will also attend the Business Forum.

“Prime Minister Nagamootoo looks forward to engaging with the National Tree Planting programme upon his return and encourages all Guyanese to plant a tree for a greener and cleaner Guyana,” the statement added.

iNews was also informed that on the way to the airport, the PM’s convoy was involved in a minor traffic accident.

The Prime Minister nor Mrs. Nagamootoo suffered any injuries.




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