Pressure mounts on WICB; Former VP says ‘No Comment’ is cowardly


[]The pressure is mounting on the West Indies Cricket Board to reveal its stance on the draft presented by the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Finance & Commercial Affairs committee which will offer a facelift to the test aspect of the sport.

The board is ‘leaving alone’ any questions about their decision taken to the ‘hot topic’ taking the cricket world by storm.

Following an emergency meeting last week to discuss the board’s stance on the plastic surgery of test cricket’s future, the board is pulling out all the stops to ensure they are not ‘yorked’ before their time.

And by that time, iNews Sport means that there is a ICC Board meeting scheduled for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, Former WICB Vice President Clarvis Joseph has described this approach by the Board as ‘cowardly’ according to the Antigua Observer.

He says the approach shows the weakness in the board and their approach to hide their feelings until game day is ‘disgusting’.

He reminded that the investment by regional governments, stakeholders and fans in exchange for the services provided is not value for money and as such the board should analyze this instead of ducking bouncers.

The proposal, if adopted, hands the reins of the longer format of the game to England, India and Australia. It will also see the formation of a two-tier structure of Test cricket, with those three nations immune from relegation.




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