Presidents Maduro, Ramotar against US Military action in Syria


visitGuyana’s President Donald Ramotar and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro have categorically stated that they disagree with the

decision of the United States to launch a military attack in Syria.

The  Presidents stated this at a joint press conference today, Saturday August 31,at the Guyana International Conference Center.

In response to a question, President Maduro said that the recent meeting in Suriname signed a very clear resolution for all parties to accept the ruling of the United Nations and any attack on Syria now will be a criminal one.

The Syrian government is being accused of releasing a deadly chemical, killing its own people.

However, President Maduro said even if this is the case in Syria, then the solution is not to kill more people.

President Maduro chided US President Barack Obama for assuming the position of “being the court, judge and punishing any crime.”

“It is not possible for President Barack Obama to consider himself the sole power to replace the United Nations,” the Venezuelan President said.

President Maduro urged the US to think about the consequences of such an attack.

Additionally, President Ramotar said that Guyana is against war.

“Our position is that the UN expert should be allowed to do their work and no action should be taken without the ratification of the UN council. Our whole history has been based in fighting for peace around the world. Our fundamental position is always one for peace,” President Ramotar said.



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