Update: Policeman’s wife found with throat slit, house doused with gasoline

Investigators stand over the woman's body
Investigators examine the woman’s body

A woman in her late 40’s was this morning found dead in the lower flat of her 2430 21 Ave. Diamond East Bank Demerara home.

The woman who was found drenched in kerosene, with her throat slit has been identified as Sirmattie Ramnaress known Paviti Singh.

A bond attached to the home, which store products the now dead woman retails was also set on fire and the entire house doused with gasoline.

The discovery was made when eyewitnesses saw smoke coming from the premises.

Her vehicle, cell phone and keys to the premises were also missing. However, investigators later found her car abandoned at the Ocean View Hotel, East Coast Demerara.

Relatives including the dead woman’s husband Sergeant. Collin Bailey, suspects the murder and arson to be the results of a robbery.murder

According to Sgt. Bailey, he spoke to his wife just before mid-night, and residents in the area claimed they saw her sweeping her yard around 06:00 hrs this morning.

Relatives are hopeful that the CCTV Cameras attached to both the interior and exterior of the house will help investigators to conclusively solve the crime.

No one has been arrested in connection with the crime. Investigations are ongoing.



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