Presidential Guards allegedly assault School Teacher who heckled President

FLASHBACK: President Donald Ramotar inspecting the Guard of Honour during Guyana’s 46th Independence Anniversary Celebration in the National Park
FLASHBACK: President Donald Ramotar inspecting the Guard of Honour during Guyana’s 46th Independence Anniversary Celebration in the National Park

[] – The main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – this morning called for an immediate investigation into the alleged assault of an Amerindian Secondary School Teacher by members of the Presidential Guard Service.

APNU says it was informed that 29 – year – old John Adams from Aishalton was assaulted by two members of the Presidential Guard. The alleged incident occurred during President Donald Ramotar’s visit to the South Rupununi yesterday (Wednesday, December 3).

It is alleged that Adams was accosted by the members of the Presidential Guard and told to stop heckling while the President was speaking; when Adams refused he was slapped repeatedly by the guards.

Adams was then chased by the guards and had to seek refuge in the home of Toney James, a resident of Aishalton.

APNU calls on the Commissioner of Police to mount an immediate investigation into the incident.

iNews was subsequently informed by a resident of Aishalton that the School Teacher appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and disturbed the meeting at the annoyance of other villagers.





  1. It is really and truely the people of Aishalton village is annoyed with Sir john adams.This is not the very first time he is doing this,our elderly and students and also the aishalton village council.This indecent happen after the meeting,where he was using abusive words to his exellency infornt of the public.
    which the marjority of aishaltion does not appreciate.

  2. Very upseting affairs ., However ., there are soliders not in the Guyana Defence Force who will take Venezula ‘ s hero Chaves as an inspiration and will overthrow the present Government Government. It is a question of time.

  3. Justicejane please take a look at the names praising the great job the GUYINDIA government doing and yes its good to slap your ppl for not being Brain dead,,you like many have a brain and you can see right from wrong,,do not forget these CUP drinkers were in high praise and still think what the PHANTOM. Squad headed by the PPP and ROGER Khan and others. Was right to murder and destroy The very indians way of life,,they all into DRUGS,,and all the girls want a drug man not a drunk man,,,the country in PARK,,the tranee not working ,,,hip hip to the pee peeee pee,

  4. The teacher deserves what he got, This is not the first time he is embarrassing Aishalton it’s continious to what he is doing drinking during school hours and absentism to what he did while the school children were there showed no respect to his exellency’ the people of aishalton and students.the village council is looking into the matter

  5. What a stupid comment. Regardless of what a person does, there are laws and courts to deal with that. I honestly wonder how many of the people commenting have edified themselves about Guyana’s first peoples and actually visited an “Amerindian” community. The whole of Guyana, including you, need slaps if your logic is correct. It is this mentality that has prevented Guyana from moving forward. Disrespecting and denial is the pillar on which ignorance is built.

  6. Fair is fair….what kind of example this drunk school teacher is showing to his students…looks like he was more of a nuisance……probably needed 2 slaps indeed.

  7. School Teacher should be happy teaching children while on Government payroll.
    Do not set bad examples for teachers and children.
    I will not wait to get slapped for showing a bad example.
    I will slap myself.


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