President urges Guyanese Diaspora to become development partner for Gov’t

H.E President Donald Ramotar having a one on one conversation with a Guyanese in Washington
H.E President Donald Ramotar having a one on one conversation with a Guyanese in Washington

[] – President Donald Ramotar has called on Guyanese living in the United States of America (USA) to return home and invest in the country’s booming economy.

The President, who travelled to the USA to attend and address the 69th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, used the opportunity to meet Guyanese living there. He met the Guyanese community in Queens, New York on Friday evening and those in Washington on Saturday evening.

President Ramotar updated the several hundreds of Guyanese on developments taking place in the current and prevailing political uncertainty. He spoke of the eight successive years of economic growth in the Guyanese economy, infrastructural advancements and Guyana’s success stories in the social sector, particularly housing, education, and health.

“This says a lot and really drives a nail in the lie that our country wasn’t going anywhere. And why have we been able to do that? We have been able to do that despite the fact that one – traditionally, one of the most important sectors of the economy- sugar,was not doing very well… broadening the base of our economy what we had promised from since 1992 about broadening the base of our economy and making it more immune from external shocks (that) we have succeeded in a very large way… because rooted in the philosophy of the PPP , is the fact that the economy must serve the people in a inter-related and connected way, while the economy will serve the people, the people will have to build the economy.”

The president noted that his government always believes in the fact that the most important factor for development have been the people, and his government has been investing heavily in its people to build capacity, pointing to the way in which his government has been allocating resources.

“Let me give you one startling figure that you never see in the press anytime. When we came into office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was getting more money than the Ministries of Education, Health, Housing and Agriculture all put together. Today, we have the opposite situation, where the bulk of our investment, if you examine our economy, goes to the social sector- health – education gets the biggest in this, 30% of our budget,” he explained.

The President said his government remains committed to continuing the transformation of Guyana , but needs the help of all Guyanese, since he does not have a development partner in the opposition, pointing to their anti-developmental stance since they won a one-seat majority in the National Assembly and which they used to cut critical budgetary allocations, defeat important legislation like the Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (amendment) Bill and block transformational projects like the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the Amaila Falls Hydro Power project, and the Specialty Hospital among others.

The President meanwhile, said his government has never denied there is corruption in the country, but pointed to the various efforts successive PPP/Civic administrations have been making to tackle this issue,

“but let me make this point to you, our achievements could not have been possible without improvement in our economic democracy, we could not have survived and strive in an international atmosphere when you had a grave financial and economic crisis gripping the world. I would not stand in front of you here and tell you that we do not have corruption in our country, we know, we talk about it ourselves, but we have put in place many many things to fight corruption. When we came to office there was no bidding system for government contracts or procurement of services, we didn’t know how much corruption was taking place (under the PNC government), because the auditor general was prevented from doing auditing of government books, The last auditor general’s report came out 10 years before the government changed. The last auditor general’s report under the last regime was in 1982… they had all kinds of accounts, they had an account in Canada which no one was allowed to audit and they are making these kinds of accusations against us. Since we got into office, every year the auditor general report comes out. That report goes to a public accounts committee of the National Assembly and that committee is always chaired by a member of the opposition.”

[Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Most rich and middle class Guyanese in the Diaspora may not invest or have the energy to invest. They all have real estate worth millions!
    These are the Indos that Burnham chased out.
    Guyana can tap into their tourist dollars.
    Many have disposable income and many are looking for an investment property.
    Perhaps a way to go is to invite Guyanese to buy a second home in Guyana as they now do in Florida.
    If the incentive is there, people will go for it.

  2. And what are you offering and how exactly are you prepared to protect us? There are, after 40 years, STILL constant Blackouts, and Water shortages, the drainage system is a health hazard, transportation is hazardous. I read recently, “you” turned down the opportunity to put proper LARGE buses back on the road, also your cops can’t be trusted. Two years ago a member of my family was targeted twice for a BRIBE from two of your Motor Cycle officers, instead of ticketing him, he had to give them $10,000.on each occasion. They claimed the 1st time his headlights were not on, and the 2nd time was, for not having his turn signal on, they also laughed, when he told them he’ll report this criminal act. The recent reports about the government’s action, has left a lot to be desired. After our visit in 2012, my husband, and other relatives considered returning “home.” But there isn’t any encouraging signs on the horizon.

  3. infrastructural advancements???? mr president you forget to tell those in US it was all done in PNC strongholds in order for PPP to get those PNCites to turn against PNC.. they should have asked you about infrastructural advancements in PPP strongholds on why nothing was could have easily tell them it was contractors fault and delays the cause of no infrastructural advancements in PPP strongholds..even when u lie to them they still vote cup…like wise no matter how much tax payers dollars PPP take and pump it into PNC strongholds they will vote Palms always..clean up the place..hold LGE get those stinkers out from city hall then ask guyanese to come home..move all squatters and illegal street vending then ask guyanese to come home and they might just other main thing..u live in guyana but guyanese business people worked out even down to a mango in US dollars so why not start paying every guyanese in US dollars and they might come home..u want to buy a house in guyana listen to how much US dollars they calling for it..change the bloody currency and done with it..guyanese talk about US dollars more than Yankees talk about their US currency..time to stop it is now..

  4. Mr President the only way the small Business of the Diaspora will come to Guyana willingly is if they are not attacked and robbed. This must be followed by generous incentives.
    The minute someone ask for a raise they should be given the boot.
    Methods must be developed and put in place to protect Business people.
    The moment a police is seen to be dishonest ‘everything’ falls down.
    The example of good, honest, hardworking and caring citizens must come from the police.
    When police is seen to be part of the problem, criminal activities amplifies boldly.


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