President says ‘blackmailing type’ of politics is unhealthy for Guyana’s democracy

President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar

[]While expressing a willingness to continue dialogue with the parliamentary opposition President Ramotar says this does not mean he could be blackmailed.

Describing the government’s recent engagements with the opposition as such, the head of state says blackmailing type of politics in unhealthy for our democracy.

His position is that this type of lobbying will undermine Guyana’s development.

“I think to introduce a blackmail type of method to politics; it is not healthy for our democracy or for any democracy,” President Ramotar said on Wednesday, November 27.”

At his last media conference, the president had said he was going to rethink engaging the opposition.

And in explaining this, he said their engagements in the recent pass have shaken the government’s confidence in the parliamentary opposition.

But parliament remains one of the highest forums of governance and as such, the government will have to continue engaging the opposition.

In view of this, the President said future engagements will be on an “issue by issue” basis.




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