President Ramotar admits frustration

President Donald Ramotar. [iNews' Photo]

President Donald Ramotar during the press conference today, Saturday December 06, 2015 at State House. [iNews' Photo]
President Donald Ramotar during the press conference today, Saturday December 06, 2015 at State House. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – President Donald Ramotar belies his seriousness with a most benign and calm visage; however he is sure, solid and confident. When he decisively enacted his November 10 proroguing of the 10th Parliament, it was done with certainty and finality-he was not going to ‘foot-balled’ around by the Combined Opposition, who always showed great vacillation and carping.

In fact, the decision was made not in a ‘knee-jerk’ manner, but with the good of Guyana at heart. The Head of State wanted the ‘best’ for Guyana, and he had hoped for important and ‘necessary’ dialogue, with the Joint Opposition. His well-intended invitation to prolong the life of the 10th Parliament was encapsulated with the “My doors are always open (or conversely, “My doors are never closed”) for dialogue; it still resonates and is a solid testimony of the generosity and magnanimity of this leader. Up to this point, he remains most amicable and desires fraternal ‘face-offs’ and possible agreements with Government and the Combined Opposition.


November 10, 2014 will always be looked at as quite pivotal. In announcing the proroguing of the 10th Parliament, all Guyana saw a rigid and fixated leader in President Ramotar; he ‘called the bluff’ of the opposition parties.

They threatened a No-Confidence Motion, hoping to either engender fear in Government, or take a chance with ‘snap polls.’ The former (likely their preference) did not work, and the latter’s magnitude they did not envisage.

They have now exhausted the ‘Grace of Dialogue’ and 2015 elections are now imminent, but very troubling for the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance for Change (AFC). Both parties seem quite opportunistic. The desire for ‘power exclusive’ seems to be the driving factor.

2015 will be decisive and intense. President Ramotar will announce the date for the polling exercise, but he wants a good Christmas for all Guyanese. He desires that Guyanese have a trouble and stress-free season, and this is why the actual election date was not unveiled.

Guyana continues to experience unprecedented growth and development, in its ‘transformation through modernisation’ initiatives. The country is most definitely on an ‘unrelenting upward developmental trajectory.’

The economy is stable, robust, diverse and expanding; education is at an all time high-Guyana dominated the Caribbean Region in the last two years and urban schools are outdoing the city ones; infrastructures for sports are on the increase; Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2015 are in sight (Universal Primary Education reached ahead of time); Health Care/Medicare is flourishing; and the list goes on, giving credence to Guyana’s new status. The nation has long moved away from its pre-1992 “Highly Poor Indebted Country” milieu; it is now driving towards being a “Developed Nation.”

President Ramotar’s vision attainable

“Guyana in the future” is ‘rankling in the mind’ of President Ramotar. He recently completed three years as the “Head of State” and his assessment of this period at the helm is most candid.

“I think it was a mixed one. It was a very difficult political situation locally … and a not so favourable international one … but the fact is (that) we kept our economy growing and we further improved our social services. Those are really monumental achievements”

“I suspect that in another 20 years, looking back at Guyana (and especially these three years), historians will probably see it in a better perspective … it has not been easy, in an international environment, that was not conducive, and a local political situation that was very difficult.”

“So it was very satisfying that we were able to do these things, despite the huge challenges … I am proud of our team.”

The Guyanese Leader admits his frustration, as he is aware of how much more progress was possible.

“My regret is that we haven’t yet started the Amaila Falls Hydro Project, because that project is the one that every single Guyanese would benefit from, and it is a project that will transform the country … to realise the dream that we have, of accelerating growth and development in Guyana, so that we can reach a ‘develop status’ in a short period of time.

The annoyance for President Ramotar is two-fold: the Combined Opposition voted against Amaila Falls for no other reason but (their) being vindictive (as both the opposition parties have it in their manifesto, that they were in support of hydro); and because Amaila Falls is foundational to all other sectors in the country.

He remains optimistic though, as the conviction is that the PPP/C will be restored to a majority in Parliament, and this means a continuation in progress, and thus the inevitable-Developed Nation Status. [Extracted and Modified by GINA] 



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  2. ramotar should stop lying to those who support ppp…
    tell them in plain and simple talk that ppp will not take their hard earned tax dollars and pump into pnc communities any more to appease pnc supporters to keep the peace and see if ppp can get their votes..
    ramotar must stand up and tell ppp supporters the truth that ppp hiring dunces to run the security and judicial sectors..
    ppp must stand and tell its main base supporters that ppp cant defend you so have to defend yourselves against bandits and rogue police and army people.


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