President promises “chip factories” for Leguan and Wakenaam Islands

President Donald Ramotar as he addressed a large crowd at San Souci junction Wakenaam
President Donald Ramotar as he addressed a large crowd at San Souci junction Wakenaam
President Donald Ramotar as he addressed a large crowd at San Souci junction Wakenaam

[] – With elections a mere 26 days away, residents of the Region Three island of Wakenaam were urged to do all in their power to keep democracy alive in Guyana.

During a meeting which was held at San Souci junction, President Donald Ramotar told the gathering that a lot of effort has been put into making Guyana a free country, and it is important to keep it this way.

He noted that while there are some who abuse freedom of expression and speech with no consequences, “our country has progressed because we have restored democracy in Guyana, freedom of what we give our people and that is priceless, and we can’t put a price tag on that.”

The Head of State said gone are the days when there was only one radio station and newspaper, as he pointed out that more persons own news outfits and more private radio stations and television stations are opening.

President Ramotar noted that while this amount of freedom and democracy has been achieved, there is still more that is needed and that can be done.

Meanwhile the President also noted that while Guyana has seen developments in almost every other area, much more could have been achieved if the opposition was supportive.

President Ramotar took the time to reflect on several developmental projects which were deliberately blocked by the combined opposition.

Wakenaam thrives mainly on agriculture, and President Ramotar reminded the residents that their island has great potential and that his administration will continue to work to help them realise that potential, “And we are going to build right on this Island and Leguan chip factories so that you can add value to the plantain and cassava which you produce here.”

Speaking to the issue of rice and the price for paddy, he told the residents that the administration is working to put a system in place to support prices, “Because we know sometimes rice is fundamentally in private sector hands, but we are going to create a system to support the prices so that farmers can have a better deal and more assistance in agriculture.”

The President also spoke of diversification in the agriculture sector stating that a lot can be done in the coconut industry, but in order for these and much more to be achieved, it is up to citizens now to play their role.

He told the islanders that “You will decide on May 11 if our country will go forward or if it will go backward, you will have to make that decision but I warn about history not to let it repeat itself.” [ Extracted and edited from GINA]





  1. Perfect time for the incumbent administration to run on it’s 23 years of achievement , run on your stellar record Mr president, since Guyana has achieved so much under your administration, then why don’t you run on your record of achievement ?make this election a referendum on the PPP/C 23 years of success , stop giving people the same old Burnham boogie man speech, tell us how you intend to fix our failing education system, lack of diversification in the government institutions, joblessness , crimes ,corruption etc , stop the mediocrity, show us the people Guyana the PPP/C bold proposal/initiatives for the next 5 years, remember Mr president the outcome of this election will determine the color of suits some of your ministers wear.

  2. He made nothing happen for his 3 years in office. The PPP made nothing happen (except for their family and friends) for 23 yrs. Every election they have fooled the Guyanese people. They will not have the opportunity to do that again.

  3. Do yourself a favor. Go get a proper high school education at least. If you are a product of the PPP educational system, then they have nothing to brag about.

  4. The President has spoken.
    He will make things happen.
    He is not guessing and making wild promises.
    He do not have to fool his own people.
    Granger and the Ootooites do not have the financial figures and can only say ‘if I am elected’.
    If by fluke they are elected, the country will go back to Burnham days.

  5. Freedom of expression. .and yet still If Mr jagdeo was here he would slap that man..the horses already out the stable .apnu/afc all the way.

  6. Holy crap! That is the best Donald can do? tell de people about plantain and cassava chip. Donald, yuh eye pass de people. Is it a retard that writes your election speeches?

    Donald, it Jagdeo and the other PPP cronies that are guilty of abusing freedom of speech and expression. Ask the MMU.
    The PPP regime is also guilty of abusing the public treasury and the Guyanese people. The consequences will follow after May 11, 2015.

  7. everything that is old and site for sore eyes are iconic for you people..yeah i said you people…all them old hose that are rotted and bending to one side in gtown and tigerbay area are iconic to you..

  8. Mr President, Leslie Ramsammy, when he was the Minister of Health, promised the Guyanese People that the iconic Wooden New Amsterdam Hospital, would NOT be demolished, and that it would be used as a Medical library, a nures’s dormitory and a Pharmacy. That NEVER happened. Instead the hospital fell into total disrepair and was vandalized. The block where it was a century-old landmark, is now covered in bushes. THAT is just one promise un-fullfilled by the PPP/C minister of government.


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