President pardons five female prisoners


-on the occasion of Guyana’s 51st Independence

Five female convicts were granted the Presidential Prerogative of Mercy by President David Granger, on the occasion of Guyana’s fifty-first Anniversary of Independence following recommendations by the Director of Prisons, according to the Ministry of the Presidency.

The women are 22-year-old Jenny Henry, 56-year-old Neeta Shamlall, 35-year-old Margo Gordon, 32-year-old Cleva France and 44-year-old Nesha Rambaran.

The recommendations were reviewed by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, and granted in accordance with Article 121 of the Constitution of Guyana, more particularly Articles 188, 189 and 190.

The President granted free and full pardon to the five women, who were considered fit and proper to receive the Presidential Pardon.

“It is expected that this expression of compassion and humanity by His Excellency will result in families being re-united, and the pardoned offenders leading good and useful lives hereon”, the MOTP said.





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