President interacts with Christmas shoppers, vendors


President David Granger, today, took a walk along Regent Street, the City’s main shopping hub, where he mingled with vendors, business proprietors and citizens, who were doing their last minute Christmas shopping.

A light drizzle did not dampen the spirits of Christmas shoppers who meet with and took pictures with the Head of State.

President Granger could not resist some of the Christmas Eve day bargains and made a few purchases along the way. See photos below:

dsc_3025 dsc_3055 dsc_2464 dsc_2452



  1. Guyana need to put any one who is at risk of abuse
    And help them to relocate to another country or location.

  2. Fake –that’s who this comedian is mister incompetent giving a hug and walking the flooded street will put food in the mouths of the hungry–what a joke.The man is a conceited arrogant individual that likes people that looks like him only — quite visible in the pictures.


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