President hints at new faces in Cabinet if re – elected

The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.

[] – The issue of reforms being conducted for several different levels of government will be addressed by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration should it be re-elected to serve five additional years in government adding to its 23 years in power.

This is according to President Donald Ramotar who is hoping for a re-election when the Guyanese electorate goes to the polls on Monday May 11.

Ramotar in a press statement on Thursday May 07, hinted at new faces in both cabinet and regional government.

He said, “based on our hundreds of meetings around the country, we recognize that the competence and integrity of the PPP/C government must be maintained. My new administration will have changes at every level of governance for Cabinet, Regional Government and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council. This will be done to improve the level of government services and management of the entire country.”

He noted that those persons, who have been committed and served with distinction at the various levels of government services, will be retained.

“The PPPC’s commitment has always been to ensure that there are improved government functions to all citizens, and to allow for greater accountability and transparency. The PPP/C will continue to operationalize modern and equitable governance approaches in the areas of governing fairly, justly and with respect for the rights of citizens,” said Ramotar.

Only recently, the President fired his Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, who publicly insulted and degraded a women’s rights activist, while his Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster resigned in April.


  1. There is a lot of young blood waiting for a chance to prove themselves. So if changes must be made then let it be for the good of the country. VOTE PPP FOR THE BETTER FUTURE WE DESERVE!

  2. The ppp government only know abt big words but they don’t kno the meaning and how it is to be use. They full of sh*t guyana is like a cow boy town is that how a country suppose to be govern?! Sorry I forget they trying to make it a communist country

  3. “based on our hundreds of meetings around the country, we recognize that the competence and integrity of the PPP/C government must be maintained. ”
    Lol. Say what! Really! For at least 15 of the last 23 years of PPP rule, there has been INCOMPETENCE and LACK OF INTEGRITY. Is that what Ramoutar wants to maintain?
    With people like Jagdeo, Irfan Ali, Nandalall, Pauline, Kwamie, Odinga and the rest of the blood suckers still around, there should never be another PPP government. The addition of the likes of Soup er man Urling, ignoramus Rima and illogical Ramson is a strong indicator the PPP is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Those people will only serve to strengthen the resolve of the Guyanese people to remove the PPP from office.


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