President Granger seeks Cuban support ahead of meeting with President Maduro


unnamed[] – President David Granger said that he is convinced that the outcome would be favourable, in terms of the region remaining a zone of peace now that Cuba has been briefed on the territorial threat Guyana faces from Venezuela, according to a release from the Ministry of the Presidency.

Earlier today, President Granger met with Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, for bilateral talks, at the United Nations Headquarters.

“We took the opportunity to thank the Cuban leader for the support they have given. They have played a very important role in the Caribbean and Africa, as well as a great humanitarian role. We were particularly concerned about the territorial controversy,” President Granger said.

He told local journalists that his government is aware that Cuba is very close to Venezuela and it is for this reason that he would certainly want Cuba to use its influence to help bring a speedy end to the controversy. “Guyana has lost territory to Venezuela, as you know, in the 1899 Tribunal award and we want to get ahead with our development and we believe that Cuba’s weight in the Caribbean could influence the outcome in ensuring that the Caribbean remains a zone of peace,” President Granger said.

Further, the President emphasised Guyana’s role in support of Cuba. “As you know Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica were instrumental in working for the normalisation of relations with Cuba since the early 1970s. We have a long tradition of friendship. We have many Cuba trained doctors and many points of contact between the two states,” President Granger said.

Noting that Cuba could play a significant role in resolving the border issue between Guyana and Venezuela, President Granger said, “We feel that, to the extent that Cuba decides to get involved, the outcome would be favorable in ensuring that the Caribbean remains a zone of peace.”

In the meantime, the President said that leading up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, he will try to meet with as many Commonwealth States as possible, prior to that meeting, which is to be held in Malta in November of this year.

“The Foreign Minister and I will take very opportunity to present Guyana’s interest and to ensure that this obnoxious claim is removed so we can move ahead with our development,” President Granger said.

Meanwhile, even as President Granger continues to seek support from nations around the world, he is preparing for a meeting under the auspices of the United Nations, with the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro. According to President Granger that meeting has already been confirmed.

In response to questions on media reports that Venezuela has begun to withdraw military troops and equipment from the borders, President Granger said if this is so, it is a welcome move by Venezuela. The President stated that what would be even more welcome, would be the restoration of normal relations including the return of the Venezuelan Ambassador. “You cannot expect us to talk and remove the persons who do the talking. We want agrément, because the ambassadors are the two point persons through [whom] the two countries can communicate quickly and effectively,” President Granger pointed out.




  1. I believe,Maduro has a mental problem,he must have been playing with marbles,instead of going to school.He must be aware,that this territorial issue was settled since 1899,but because of the discovery of oil in large quantities in this country,Guyana,GREED has become his purpose.

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  4. President Granger seeks Cuban support ahead of meeting with President Maduro

    This installed clown looking for sympathy on a nothing issue. He done bankrupt and buggered Guyana’s economy so he has to fill the ears of the clowns that blindly follow PNC. Its like music to their ears. Imagine he took away their 10000 and they never balked at him so what more will they do to their people. He knows GDF was formed to protest the likes of him and not to fight wars. Full blame to PPP for they had a whopping 23 years to un-grow this monster and cut off its head. The Venezuelans are not as stupid as Granger and his supporters thinks.
    One step on Guyana soil you will see US running to the UN their very own puppets institution asking for resolution to get Venezuela out of Guyana.
    You watch why they installed PNC, PNC will give UK the place they want to do live round ammo training to be the eyes on Venezuela for the US.
    PPP did not give them that when they attached strings on live round ammo training. The must do live round ammo training on their own country and land. They know the damage the contamination caused thats why they wont do it in their country. Inews should keep watch on this development if it wants to be fair press.


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