President Granger is being fooled about Amaila Falls Project – says Jagdeo

President David Granger

By Fareeza Haniff

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party and incoming Leader of the Opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo believes that President David Granger is being ill – advised about the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project.

Jagdeo told a news conference on Tuesday, August 11 that those examining the project are clueless.

“I believe that they are duping President Granger; I believe that they are duping him because you have a few people who have been examining the project economics that are clueless…you don’t have to be an economist to understand what this project means to Guyana and what we will lose if we don’t proceed with it,” Jagdeo said.

His comments follow the announcement by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan that the APNU+AFC government will not proceed with the project since the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) advised that it is too risky to do so.

But Jagdeo said this new position by the IDB was never made known to the former PPP government.

“The last time I know… in June a mandate letter was signed between the IDB and the developer.”

Amaila Falls
Amaila Falls

The former President believes that the decision of the APNU+AFC government to disband the project is a political one, while at the same time disputing the US$130M figure provided by the Finance Minister, who claimed that is the amount GPL will have to pay per year.

According to Jagdeo, the Finance Minister is incompetent in his handling of the Amaila Falls Project, which he says disqualifies him from managing Guyana’s economy.




  1. I think those people that supports the PPP civic , just want to comment, because they are racist. With all those wrong doings that are being exposed in the PPP that is now coming to light, Who in their right mind would want to believe anything the PPP is saying. They should be forming a new party and getting rid of all those crooks.

  2. No you are sooooooooooooo wrong jagdeo is not the man of the nation…get your head out of your assh…he is the biggest crook with his buddies , Roger Khan and Lall…you get it!!

  3. some times it amazes me at what you say and the extent at which u go, i would really like to hear your arguments on the privatizing of guysuco. no wait as a matter of fact that was the idb idea rite ?, so please enlighten me.

  4. tell that to the paddy farmers and the 16,000 guysuco workers all of whom will be paid by the granger administration because the former government ran guysuco bankrupt and drained the petrocaribe fund. ask them guysuco workers and the paddy farmers if the apnu is racist for putting bread and butter on their tables.

    the only reason why you think that the country is livable is because you are a sewer rat.

  5. bharat jagdeo is nothing but a jackass! just yesterday he ran his ignorant mouth telling people that the failure of skeldon has nothing to do with him and that tate & lyle fooled him so, what a jackass he is to be talking about granger being duped. how much more arrogant can bharat jagdeo be to be criticizing the skills of the engineers and the folks at idb who has guyana wants to partially finance the project and who opted out because of the risk?

    as for you, the amount of horse manure i have read from you is flippin’ astounding and you are nothing but a jackass just like bharat jagdeo.

    and let me remind you of what is facing bharat jagdeo. the international criminal court in the hague has vacant steel cages, one of which will be jagdeo’s residence in the near future.

  6. Maybe you can help Basil and company by sharing your proof so that we can convict all of them. Better yet, leh we call all of them thiefman, and when we HAVE evidence, then we will yell, “see wah me tell yuh”.
    The typical Guyanese bottom house diatribe…..sigh!

  7. Im sure all of you live outside of Guyana and have time to say bad things about the new government . I suggest you return to Guyana take the Guyanese place of those that are poor because or your beloved Jagdeo and let the poor go to America and u live with your Jagdeo and let him make you and your family happy. and im sure im america or canada you’re not above no one you seem very uneducated and very racial .

  8. The ppp made the country livable today so u Mr dexter is the biggest asshole that is supporting the apnu racist regime

  9. Sour puss are those who believes in the Defacto government cde. Fr President Hon. Dr. B.Jagdeo is the man of the Nation the man with the vision of progress.

  10. sandra like you hearing with your eyes and seeing with ur ears the APNU/AFC de facto government don’t want the ameila fall project they want wind turbine project because they them self say on berbice tv that they have a friend who have more knowledge in wind turbine (electricity). What vat reduction the give us none when u talk about vat reduction people are looking forward for the 16% to be reduce not by excluding items which people don’t really use on a regular base. What raise they give indeed they us raise in salary but they take it back on tax. the defacto government just makes false promises and all they followers keep believing in them they took office and haven’t done any development to wards the country just dismissing people because they have friends and family to give jobs too. Is that what they call job creation ?? Long Live The PPP/C Cde Jagdeo will be the one to revive our great nation from this crisis we the Guyanese people are facing now. talk some and left some

  11. Jagdeo you should not be talking because this all soup for all you crooks in the PPP. With all the kickbacks for the failed Skeldon Sugar Factory and New GPC, the Fip Motilall road project and a lot more of the corrupted projects which you all milked for your selves. While we know the importance of the Amaila Falls Hydro Power Project, we don’t want you all in any hand dealing with it. The Coalition Govt will deal with it in a justified and clean way. The PPP Scumbags dealt the Petrocaribe fund also in a corrupt way, so you as for one should not be allowed in the Peoples Parliament until you are deemed clean of all corruption. I do hope the Govt take a vigorous investigative process of you and your clique for all the monies you all earned illegally.

  12. Every country with the resources as Guyana taps into it for unending supply of electricity! Who will not want such development for Guyana. A major step to UN-depend on OIL!

  13. The man likes nobody but himself but simply rides the gravy train by promoting divisions, so while you are busy fighting each other, he is laughing all the way to the bank.

  14. Scarface, you need to wake up from your trance. I guess the raises that people got and the VAT reduction and everything else was a bunch of excuses. Some people just can’t face facts. Most countries that have hydro power have done so at great expense to the environment, by flooding of lands and relocation of populations in those areas and if the people of Guyana have to also turn around and pay the con artists that are in cahoots with the previous government the amount of money they want it is called RAPE.

  15. Mr. Jagdeo, President Granger will not be duped by anyone. You were duped on the Skeldon Factory. (You could have insisted on a public tender for the factory.) You see, His Excellency is too much intelligent to be duped by anyone. Did Fip Motilall dupe you? Think of the other projects that cost this nation plenty of money, with no reward. You were obviously duped- by yourself!
    Remember that old saying Mr. Jagdeo, “I am to old a cat to be BUGGERED by kittens!” Well, His Excellency, Present Granger is an old, intelligent and veteran “tom cat!”

  16. Jagdeo. It is all the competence that you got that is why ur ass is the opposition. That Amaila falls was gravy train for you and your friends and people in the PPP/C. The gravy train ends. We are going to get cheaper energy but not the way the PPP/c wanted. It is going to be the vision on the APNU/advise. So back to hell off. You are old news with ur racial self. We already know u don’t like no other race than Indians. U are done Jagdeo finished.

  17. this means death to our natural resources and to our ppl, i know what this is ,it is not clean energy take for instants french guiana they had to close there’s after 3 years because of the distruction of resources this is what it means.

  18. He’s being more than duped. Like jagdeo said,hes I’ll advised and as such the expectations wasn’t going to add up.. now they’ve been campaigning a lot aging they know how to run the economy and still no real progress jus a bunch of excuses “we jus come in power” and ” is the ppp left it suh”.. wtf. That’s what Moses and granger will tell the ppl after all they been campaigning for.. now u hearing that wait till next year budget come,all the nice things ppl would get.. Nothing more than excuses because they are incompetent…


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