President denounces axing of student loan fund by Opposition



President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar

[] – On April 16, the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For change (AFC) joined forces to cut the Ministry of Finance’s capital programme under which a number of developmental programmes and initiatives fall including an allocation of $450M for the provision of loans to students of the University of Guyana.

President Donald Ramotar during a recent interview with the state owned NCN denounced this move by the Opposition.

He explained that for years, the Government has been at the receiving end of criticisms where the university is concerned.

“Yet they chose to cut this much-needed allocation without a second thought. Even though it is no secret, a loan is the only means through which certain students can afford access to tertiary education.”

The President said that there is a “gulf” between the words of the Opposition and the actions they display.

Opposition Chief Whip and shadow education minister, Amna Ally in her presentation on the 2014 budget accused the Government of starving UG of funds and questioned “why the administration continues to stifle the country’s young people.”

President Ramotar lamented that, “Here they talk about youth and young people and the student loan is try to ensure that those students with difficult economic circumstances should not be stifled from accessing tertiary education, and then we see them axing student loans.”

He added that this loan facility is designed to assist bright, young Guyanese to further ready themselves to make their contribution to the country’s development.

“These are young people preparing for their future and their future is being placed in jeopardy by this kind of irresponsible behaviour and narrow political agenda that is being put above the development and welfare of our people,” President Ramotar said.



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