Pres. Ali pledges to advance agri prospects of Bonasika Creek

President Dr Irfaan Ali at Bonasika Creek

President Dr Irfaan Ali pledged to enhance the agricultural prospects of Bonasika Creek, during an early morning visit to the Essequibo River community today.

Among the pledges made was the construction of a ginger processing facility.
“We know that agriculture and food production is going to be viable, profitable and competitive and we are investing in infrastructure, to give you the best possible life in agriculture and food production.”

He also called on young people and women to get involved in agriculture and said that the Government is going to work with them through special programmes.

The Head of State added that the Government would continue to advance the community through the development of health care outreaches, educational advancement and enhanced cost of living opportunities.

President Ali said that the quest of the Government is to bring prosperity to every home in Guyana, including those in the hinterland and riverain communities.