Prem Misir resigns as Pro Chancellor of UG

Prem Misir


By Fareeza Haniff
Prem_Misir[] – Pro Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Prem Misir has tendered his resignation to the Council Members.

In his resignation letter, dated May 6, Misir stated that it will take effect from June 2, 2014. It should be noted that Misir’s tenure as Pro Chancellor comes to an end on October 31, 2015. He has been in the position since October 21, 2003.

According to Misir’s resignation letter, he will be “pursuing my other professional career goals and interests in the service of this country.”

Misir stated that his appointment in 2003 was a “great source of inspiration and motivation for me to provide leadership in higher education.”

When contacted by iNews (, Misir would neither deny nor confirm his resignation. He promised to return a telephone call.




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