PPP/C wants recount while claiming to be in the lead

Incumbent President Donald Ramotar after casting his ballot. [iNews' Photo]

By Tracey Khan-Drakes 

Incumbent President Donald Ramotar after casting his ballot. [iNews' Photo]
Incumbent President Donald Ramotar after casting his ballot. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has asked for a recount of votes in Regions One, Two and Eight by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), while this is the case the Party’s Presidential candidate Donald Ramotar maintains that it is in the lead by thousands.

This could further delay the announcement of the official results of the May 11 polls by the elections commission.

Mr Ramotar  noted that, “I know you are all eager for the final results of this election or a status update from our party. However, let us give our technical people and leaders the unhindered space they need to ensure their work is thorough and the final results are accurate.”

He also called on his supporters to avoid speculation, noting “even though that is difficult in this period as we await the results. Reports of opposition celebration are nothing new in our political landscape; they have done so in past elections.”

“I must also recognize the effort of all Guyanese, who despite the effort of the opposition to create tension and violence have largely rejected this, in favor of peace and respect for one another.”

“Our figures currently show that we are ahead in this elections but let me reaffirm that an official announcement of the elections results can only be made by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM),” said President Ramotar in a social media post.

One day after the election, the President who was accompanied by his running mate, Elisabeth Harper and PPP Executive Member Frank Anthony at Freedom house were confident of their lead in the 2015 regional and general elections.
The opposition coalition, APNU+AFC, according to GECOM is in a commanding lead and the Party supporters have already claimed victory as there was a big celebration at the coalition’s Queenstown Headquarters. 



  1. The PPP is a shameless set of liars. Why are they trying to delay the results with a lead of thirty thousand. That is equal to around four seats. Don’t be like Jagdeo and Macoy. Be a man and concede defeat.

  2. James, know this! Jagdeo cost PPP the elections. The ppp party should have distanced themselves from his racial supremacy rants. The PPP was never a racist party until Gaydeo took over and misled decent people. I cannot accept your racist. Tirade either. Gaydeo have u deluded too.

  3. The UK held election on the 7th May 2015 was counted and results published in less than 24 hours after close of poll even though the population in the UK is more than 60 million voters compared to Guyana with just less that 700000 voters which is still being counted.
    How long does it take to count 700000 votes?

  4. Please, not so fast, old chappie! How about this scenario: The PPP/C actually wins;
    they insist on having re-counts; the supporters of the Opposition believe that the PPP/C has lost and their hopes are high; GECOM announces that the PPP/C has won; the Opposition supporters reacts with “Fraud,” and they riot. This is recorded and the PPP/C has ammunition fo future elections. Very possible that is why Mr. Jagdeo is so quiet. Playing ‘possum. What say old chappie?

  5. The leaders of the PPP\C are using the recount to delay so they can hide more of the money they stole from the Guyanese people, There is no other reason, If you win the election why a recount, the longer the delay the more time to shred document. And all other illegal stuff,

  6. Is it possible that the PPP/C has indeed won the elections handsomely and is playing mind games with the supporters of the Opposition? Getting their hopes real high only to have those hopes dashed, when GECOM announces the PPP/C as the winners? A devious mind can conceive this and cold insist that it be played out! If the oppositions reacts violently, then this is ammunition for future elections!

  7. What happen to Gray,Jai,and the rest of Peepeepee? De 1 lapeetop per family spoil or they put it in the cup

  8. Time is needed cover tracks and trails that may lead to charges etc. Keep an eye on Government offices, banks, air and seaports.

  9. After waiting so long I think Gecom,should go ahead and release the results,you owe it to us Guyanese people. BRING IT ON. Why the recount? isn’t that a waste of tax payers money? The ppp,should do the decent thing and step down. I suggest that we start to guard the ministries and other government buildings forthwith. To those in the upper echelons of the ppp,please leave with the littie pride and dignity you have left. To the APNU/AFC,NOW THAT YOU ARE AT THE HELM WE HOPE THAT YOU LIVE UP TO YOUR PROMISES AND RETURN THIS BEAUTIFUL LAND OF OURS TO WHAT IT USE TO BE.TO MY FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS ,I BEG OF YOU TO STAY CALM.LOOTING AND DESTROYING WILL DO US NO GOOD. REMEMBER SOME OF OUR INDIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS GOT US THERE.PEACE.

  10. I am following this election very closely. I do not live in Guyana. But I really agree with everything you have expressed. I continue to ask the same question Why?

  11. Common sense Donald. Why ask for a recount if you are in the lead by over 30,000 votes which would give you control over everything (Parliment and the house). Who are these people trying to mislead again. Y’all been doing that for over 2 decades. Your lies a’int working now.

  12. Seems strange that Ramotar would insist on a recount, even though he says that they are in the lead…hhhmmm….it boggles the mind…the fuzzy logic. It reminds me of a popular saying…”a drowning man will clutch at a straw”

    I cannot fathom what mischief might be afoot here…but something reeks of fishiness!

  13. Not hearing nuttin from that chap Jagdeo. He is the main reason the PPP will now be the Opposition Party. Wonder how soon the Soup-er-man and the Sellout woman gun jump ship.

  14. It is outright wicked to say “according to GECOM PNC is in a commanding lead and the Party supporters have already claimed victory as there was a big celebration at the coalition’s Queenstown Headquarters”.
    The PNC are gearing up to LOOT and rob. Gecom did not make any announcement as yet.
    The PNC has started their “Mo fiah slow fiah”
    The PNC wants to destroy Guyana at any/all cost.

  15. Donald and his PPP supporters need to wake up out of their slumber and end the dream. They are obviously DREAMING. Do the right thing and act like a “big man” – CONCEDE. Remember Desmond Hoyte did in 1992.

  16. donald ramotar has proven time and time again how far detached from reality a man he is. here again it shows how he is so delusional he thinks by delaying the inevitable he will somehow change what has become so apparent – he and bharat jagdeo lost the elections.

    yesterday and here today again he is claiming that the ppp has a insurmountable lead, then why not allow gecom to do its work and declare the winner so that he can go on running the country unhindered and without the “opposition blocking progress”?

  17. This is the nonsense I can’t take. APNU and PPP/C need to stop this nonsense. I cant believe Granger actually held a press conference to announce his party is in the lead hours after GECOM said it was the official agent to declare the winner. PPPC then jumped and declared they are in the lead.

    Granger be warned if PPP/C by chance wins, and violence occur I will personally blame you and you will never again get my vote. Why could you not wait??? Why Why? Why?


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