PPP/C walks out of National Assembly


– after Gov’t insists that PM Nagamootoo speak after Opposition Leader  Jagdeo


At the conclusion of his Budget debate presentation this afternoon, Opposition Leader  Bharrat Jagdeo  declared that members of his Party will not remain in their benches to listen to Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo or Finance Minister Winston Jordan who are the last two speakers to end this year’s budget debate presentations.

PPP/C Members walking out of Parliament chambers earlier this afternoon
PPP/C Members walking out of Parliament chambers earlier this afternoon

The Opposition PPP/C Members of Parliament then proceeded to walk out of the National Assembly, but not before Speaker of the House Dr Barton Scotland pointed out that he had not yet addressed the National Assembly and thereby requested the Opposition to remain.

Upon the Speaker pronouncing that the Prime Minister was next in line to speak and urged that he begin his presentation, the Opposition MPs walked out of the House.

As a result of this and the time factor, Government Chief  Whip Amna Ally then requested that the House move to the break period and that the last two government speakers would proceed on their presentations at the resumption of the break.

The Speaker agreed, but the APNU/AFC Government faced empty Opposition benches when they returned to speak.

Dr Jagdeo remains adamant that until the Government side agrees to tradition – whereby the norm is for the Opposition Leader to be the second-to-last speaker in the Budget debates, and not the Prime Minister – then the PPP/C will not stay and listen to the Prime Minister or the concluding speaker in the debate. Finance Minister Winston Jordan is slated to be the last speaker, after Nagamootoo.

The walkout by the PPP/C members, for the second year running, has no doubt stunned the Government side and especially irked the Prime Minister.

At the time of posting this INews report, Mr. Nagamootoo was making his presentation in the House, during which he criticized the Opposition MPs for being ‘political cowards’.






  1. Its all about Jagdeo’s ego. When will his servile, grovelling followers learn some pride and abandon this idiocy. You are there to serve your constituents not to serve an egomaniac who is afraid of being flayed by Nagamootoo. Quarreling over speaking sequence provides a convenient escape route for the cowardly Jagdeo. Hello Dr Vindhya Persaud! Are you now bowing down before the same Jagdeo you did not want as opposition leader? He was forced to select you for parliament because of your links to the Hindu community so this gives you leverage? If you fail to use it constructively so you will soon be categorized alongside Texiera and Manickchand.

  2. I am not a supporter of the PPP/C but I honestly feel that had Mr. Rohee being Opposition Leader this crap done by Jadgeo would never had happen. Parliament now is not about issues that are important to the Guyanese Public but it is Jadgeo and his loyal followers against Nagamootoo and Ramjattan.
    Rohee needs to stop being an onlooker and for the best of the party start demanding better. its time Gail and Jadgeo go or the party will be a name forgotten in history.
    personally I feel it was a childish argument about who should speak before or after.
    the rules of Parliament is not written in stone and any majority vote can amend it so why the fret, Parliament is a representation of the electorate wish.

  3. Roi but you would burn donk parliament if PPP had changed theparliamentary where whom speak last norm.. you know naga was designed to fetch dhaal for jagdeo. and ppp wont miss your vote since you were never a supporter of ppp.

  4. They have to put all of them on SUICIDE watch,these people can’t take pressure,As an opposition you have to be very strong and stand firm against wrong doings,when you run like cowards with your tail between your legs its your supporters you run from. Be strong for once.

  5. Roy, there is no reason why you need to change your mind from a PPP supporter to other. PPP are acting in your best interest to run this country. Since the assumption of Office this PNC Defacto Government continues to bully it’s way in Government. They order of the day is not adhered to hence the reason for this walkout. I strongly support the PPP. Let the coward Prime Minister speak to his own kind (PNC). Naga-Goat should be the last one to call names. This goat for a Prime Minister continues to belittle PPP supporters. When he refers to PPP as cowards then he is speaking to all of us. I gurantee this goat he won’t be welcome in PPP strongholds.

  6. Funny thing the PPP did nothing about all the problems that was going on,but now you find problems??? The PPP was only looking out for the rich and could care less about the middle and poor class people. Look at Georgetown it’s being cleaned up with in months of APNU taking office. The PPP wanted a mess so the poor living in the area would move so they can sell it off to the friends and family of the PPP. Come on man open yours eyes. I don’t know how old you are but as a child growing up in guyana Georgetown was a beautiful city. Clean street drains cleaned every nite garbage picked up. BG it was called in the days was the place to be.

  7. It works for me, as most of what the PooPyParty spouts in Parliament is trash talk and not at all productive.It will save a huge amount of time, and will keep the air fresh and clean.

  8. Oh Please PM what is wrong with you? Give Guyanese a chance, you and your government stop being a bunch of bullies ……….

  9. The PPP are acting like children. Grow up and work together. I am sick of the actions of the PPP. I was a PPP supporter but now am changing my mind day by day.

  10. Nagamootoo should be the last one to call anyone names. No one wants to hear what that fat namakharam has to say.

  11. PPP/C walks out of National Assembly..
    Now Now Now this is what you call balls and gumpting…its about time PPP find balls to stand up to bullies…seperate the country now..every pnc program is designed to support their pnc supporters off the backs of all other ethnic group of tax payers..what took you guys so long?? take the message to all your people right across guyana..tell them about child mothers education programmed tell them about the corporation with US on youths in the justice system.. if Balwant Singh or Sunil Persaud run afoul of the law at age 14 15 or 16 he is on his own but not if a burnham or a hyte does..all these things are well designed to take care of one set of people in guyana..if yall cant see this now then yall blind totally and completely blind.


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