PPP/C unimpressed with coalition’s ‘leaked’ manifesto

Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy and Clinton Urling,

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy and Clinton Urling,
Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy and Clinton Urling,

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is unimpressed with the leaked manifesto of the APNU+AFC which has promised to increase the salaries of public servants specifically in the military of up to 20% if it is elected to office.

During a press conference at Freedom House on Friday, April 24 PPP/C Executive Member, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy explained that after carefully examining the coalition’s manifesto it was realized that, “it has no cohesion, and was put together loosely by many people.”

He added that it contains many unrealistic and irresponsible promises that cannot be implemented. He also accused the APNU+AFC of stealing some of the plans from the PPP’s work with respect to the sugar industry.

He added that the plans are highly audacious, “for them to be proposing things that they voted against in the 10th Parliament.”

Dr Ramsammy, who is also the country’s Agriculture Minister, questioned the logics of the manifesto’s proposed plan to cut GuySuco’s wage bill because of its size, but plans to increase the salaries of military personnel by 20%.

Dr. Ramsammy noted that under a PPP administration sugar will be sustained and heavily supported as was promised by incumbent President Donald Ramotar. The President has promised that some $20B will be injected into the industry over a 5 year period in an effort to boost production.

Meanwhile, newly added member of the PPP/C, Clinton Urling described the manifesto as a, “contradictory crude cut and paste job”, pointing out that it does not highlight how income will be generated but instead only speaks about spending.

He added that no long term development has been established, but the coalition is only promising to develop these plans if it gets into office.

The APNU+AFC coalition has already claimed that the leaked document is not the final version of the manifesto since it has not been approved by the now coalesced parties.



  1. Well, it is not a surprise. If all the idiots in the pnc/apnu/afc camp put their heads together and still couldn’t come up with concrete plans for growth and development for this country I seriously dread their coming into power. I read their manifesto and it’s all about we will do this and that. Okay. Great. But HOW will you do it? What are the mechanisms that you will put in place to create that environment for creation of jobs, sustained economic growth and human capital development. NO VISION!

  2. PNC said “they will develop a plan if they win Elections” In other words PNC will have to import brains to think for them. Dennis McKenzie state “shut yoh mout”
    Well Mr. McKenzie if you really wants to know who you really are, then please Google:

    “Mr. Burnham does it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”
    Also. “The PNC rigged 1985 election in Guyana”
    And, “The biggest rigged Elections of all time”
    PNC/AFC must not be trusted!!

  3. I believe,the PPP/C is definitely running scared.I would like to suggest,that they concentrate on their own manifesto instead of condemning APNU/AFC`s.It is an immature and silly behavior,and this will be their DEMISE.Look after your own business.James,if you don`t know what you`re talking about,it is advisable and smart to stay quiet,or shut yoh mout.

  4. As the great CB Jagan would say ‘…. the money is there. We will cut out the wastage, the squandermania, the corruption. We will review the audit reports and find all the hidden bank accounts. We will put all the NICIL money into the consolidated fund. We will place the lotto funds into the consolidated fund. And we shall ask Mr. Jagdeo to contribute a part of his pension into a special fund to assist the poorest children. Mr. Jagdeo Is too great and charitable a man to refuse. We will also, among other things, re-evaluate the drug contract to Mr. Ramroop to ascertain if any drugs are overpriced and convince him to lower those prices. We will also purchase drugs from other suppliers at competitive prices. There are other things we plan to do to assist this nation of One People, One Nation with One Destiny. Finally, there are other nations in this family of nations who will come aboard to assist us with other projects eg a review of hydro electricity via small water falls, a review of bringing back on a limited scale the railway, using alternative energy to charge cell phones, and special lighting appliances for our school children in case of blackouts. We have the will to do it. We have the means to do it. We will. We can. We must. So, comrades, come out in your thousands and Vote Like A Boss. We must have a change now from these parasites to a future that benefits all Guyanese equally. ‘

  5. More confusion in PNC camp. PNC problems are their square pegs in round holes.
    The PNC are planning to rig their own Manifesto the same way they rig their own Election. That’s why they almost killed each other. Now they have sidelined Sharma Solomon. Sharma Solomon need to join the PPP now. But we don’t want Vanessa Kissoon who was criminally charged by the police.
    Putting soldiers to do Economists Jobs will be “Square Pegs in Round Holes”

  6. Y yall dont leff we pnc manifesto alone .. after election results are out we will give yall ppp people our real man-e-festo.


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