PPP/C focused on regaining majority at next election


By Kurt Campbell

A section of the gathering of PPP/C supporters at the Lusignan Market Tarmac, East Coast Demerara.
A section of the gathering of PPP/C supporters at the Lusignan Market Tarmac, East Coast Demerara.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Following two days of rallies to mark its 21st anniversary in Government, it is now clear that the People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPP/C) focus at the next elections – which is not due until 2016 – would be on regaining its majority in the National Assembly.

There were resounding calls from several speakers for support to push the party in a direction where it would secure a ‘majority government’ at the next elections.

The incumbent PPP/C lost the majority it held in the National Assembly for 19 years at the 2011 elections. Now, with the opposition having the majority, there is what many have termed serious parliamentary impasse, with calls for compromise and consensus.

According to the party’s General Secretary Clement Rohee, while elections is not in the air quite yet, the work must begin to ensure the party regains its majority.

“We must do the work on the ground to regain our majority in the parliament, we don’t have to wait on elections to go into communities and hold meetings,” Rohee told scores of party supporters at a public meeting at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara on Sunday (October 6).

He said contrary to claims from opposition elements, the party has much to be proud of and celebrate.

“They have always sought to remove us from government because they felt our party don’t have the caliber of people to run this country… They feel all we good for is to cut grass, cut cane and catch fish, but we have proven that the party have the caliber of people to run government at anytime,” Rohee added.

Meanwhile Former President Bharrat Jagdeo called on supporters to pay closer attention to what is unfolding so that they can better understand what is taking place and the development being made.

“No party can do well without the energy of supporters” he said.

He told those present not to the judge the PPP/C by the pot holes in the road or the drains in communities that aren’t cleaned; he challenged them to judge the government on the basis of how the country has changed as a whole.

“The problem with being in government or too long is that sometimes we forget our own achievements… And the opposition rewrite history and the crooks of the past are now being portrayed as heroes… Our memories are too short and the opposition is capitalizing on an entire generation that grew up under the PPP,” Jagdeo added.

He told supporters that their help is needed to fight for change and keep the party in power. “I know you read the Kaieteur News and the Stabroek News and you believe their lies, but we are a strong party and we will not be bullied.”

Also addressing supporters was President Donald Ramotar himself. He told those present that despite being an independent nation or the last 47 years, the country has only experienced true freedom in the last 21 years.

He recalled what he said was the PPP’s fight for democracy, without which economic and social progress cannot be sustained.

“We cannot put a price on it, it cannot be measured but it is indispensable if we are to move ahead,” he added.

He also recalled the lack of freedom in the pre-1992 era and the attack on political parties then. He said the opposition now talks about criminalization of state when they in fact led a criminal state then.

“All they have done all their lives is to work with criminals against the people of this country.”

It is his belief that resulting from the freedom that the PPP instituted is the evident  social and economic development. He also called for the support to continue to win elections and develop Guyana.



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