PPP/C calls on Opposition to “rein in” its supporters

Kwame McCoy exits the polling station at St. Sidwell's Primary School. [Stabroek News' Photo]

Kwame McCoy exits the polling station at St. Sidwell's Primary School. [Stabroek News' Photo]
Kwame McCoy exits the polling station at St. Sidwell’s Primary School. [Stabroek News’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is calling on the APNU+AFC coalition to take control of its supporters “who are bent on creating havoc.”

The Party in a press statement noted that only recently leaders within the Opposition declared that the coalition would be unable to restrain its supporters during these elections.

“In addition, our Party calls on both the international and local observers to be cognizant of these incidents and for all to stay resolute to safeguard our democracy,” the PPP/C statement read.

Meanwhile, the Party also condemned what it described as the “physical assault” meted out to its candidate, Kwame McCoy and admitted that if it wasn’t for APNU+AFC’s Presidential Candidate, David Granger, McCoy would have sustained “more serious injuries” at the hands of Opposition supporters at the St Sidwell Primary School.

“Acting upon a deliberate and malicious rumour, hundreds of supporters of the Opposition coalition, swarmed the school thereby entrapping Mc Coy in the process. During that horrific and frightening period, Mc Coy was subjected to abuses and is currently hospitalized nursing serious bodily injuries. Had Rt. Brig. David Granger not dissuaded his supporters from pursuing their assault, Mc Coy’s injuries could have been much worse,” the PPP said.

According to the Party, it had warned about the Opposition peddling reckless rumours which not only have the potential for “serious consequences on our people, but can put in the electoral process in jeopardy thereby derailing our hard fought democracy. Our Party believes that the spreading of rumours is a manifestation of the Opposition’s attempts to fabricate excuses if they were to lose these elections.”




  1. “serious bodily injuries”… wth! We all saw the video of this man walking out peacefully. He was out of there safe and sound.

  2. You people are so stupid! What is published is to put a stop to the violence, aggression & misinformed lies and rumors that are the cause of these silly incidents! Yet here you are asking about why he’s hospitalized, instead of condemning the actions of those who are bent on causing havoc and creating mischief! Typical of the opposition support base!

  3. I saw Kwame escorted to a vehicle walking strong, while on his way out I saw no one hitting this man, so how. Come he is hospitalized?


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