APNU+AFC ‘relatively satisfied’ with election process; calls on supporters to remain calm

APNU+AFC Candidates, Raphael Trotman (center) and Joe Harmon. [iNews' Photo]

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

APNU+AFC Candidates, Raphael Trotman (center) and Joe Harmon. [iNews' Photo]
APNU+AFC Candidates, Raphael Trotman (center) and Joe Harmon. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The APNU+AFC coalition says it is “relatively satisfied” with the voting process across the country during Monday’s elections, despite some hiccups that took place at a few polling stations owing to discrepancies by some supporters and officials of the other major political party.

During a media conference at the coalition’s head office in Queenstown, Georgetown on Monday evening, General Secretary of the APNU, Joseph Harmon noted that the hiccups that took place were intentional to provoke the APNU+AFC supporters; however he noted that as a result of interventions made by the coalition’s leaders the situations were quelled and normalcy was returned to those polling places.

The coalition, Harmon said, based on the turn out by voters at certain polling station feels “comfortable” with its chances at winning the 2015 general and regional elections, but stressed that it has to await an official word after the tabulation process is completed.

Harmon reiterated for the coalition’s supporters to remain calm and not to play into the hands of the provocateurs.

APNU+AFC Co-Chair, Raphael Trotman also spoke of the unrest which took place in ‘C’ Field Sophia over allegations of elections discrepancies at the private residence of a supporter of one of the main political parties.

Trotman noted that after receiving word of the problem, he visited the house and was allowed to somewhat conduct a search but which did not lead to anything illegal, but investigations are ongoing into that incident.

He was unable to give an update on the situation with the underage girl from West Coast who reportedly voted at a polling station in that district, but noted that the teen was in police after the matter was uncovered. It is unclear if the teen remains in police custody and her exact age is still unknown.



  1. Since when Mr. Trotman became a policeman, that he can visit this mans home and conduct a search, on what grounds could he do so? Leave the police work to the policemen!!! Now they jumped the gun yesterday and went public with this supposed underage girl voting but as of yet they don’t know the age of the girl? How stupid can one be? Wait for the police to finish their job before going public with information that can create havoc!!! But once again in preparation for their defeat they have started to get their supporters blood warm to not accept the results.


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