PPP will not roll over and accept defeat – Jagdeo

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo
Former President Bharrat Jagdeo
Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

By Jomo Paul

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo says the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is not giving up just yet, officially adding his voice to the Party’s decision not to concede victory in the hotly contested May 11 General and Regional Elections,  results of which indicate a victory for the APNU+AFC coalition.

Jagdeo at a press conference on Thursday May 14, provided what he deemed “evidence” that indicates that the elections were rigged in favour of the APNU+AFC coalition.

The undeclared results of the election indicate that the APNU+AFC has managed to acquire 206, 817 votes while the PPP/C has acquired 201,457 votes, which means the coalition won by 5,360 votes.

The results effectively end a 23-year reign by the PPP/C which ascended to office in 1992 under the leadership of the late Dr Cheddi Jagan.

Several documents were provided by Jagdeo as “evidence”; he explained that they showed “glaring instances” where the figures on the statements of poll in the possession of the PPP/C counting agents do not correlate with the one’s in the possession of GECOM.

He pointed out that during the recounting process, the PPP counting agents had different numbers than those of the GECOM employees and provided “evidence” of this claim in seven instances.

The evidence provided by Jagdeo indicate that the PPP should have 320 more votes, but Jagdeo said he is certain that these instances are not isolated noting that “GECOM is using tons of fake statements of poll.”

He contended too that the “fake Statements of Poll” may have originated in GECOM but was unable to refute that there could be some inaccuracy on the part of the PPP with respect to the Statements of poll.

“We need to get over this process of victory and the PPP wants that to happen but one thing we will not do, we will not give up the right of the people who voted for us…there is a systematic attempt …plot to change results in GECOM itself and to tabulate those results in favor of the APNU+AFC,” said Jagdeo.

He said that the International Observers  and ABC countries that have declared the elections free and fair “should be concerned about the differences” since it affects the credibility of their assessments.

“There has to be a full investigation, at the end of the day whoever wins these elections will have to live with these results, but the PPP is not going to just roll over,” said Jagdeo.



  1. Have you got the changes you wanted. Since the May 11 elections, so many have been killed prematurely, the rains keep coming down and people are suffering enormously, not to mention tourists are afraid to come to Guyana. The soil of Guyana is crying out against injustice done. Think about it. God will only bless what is true and done in fairness.

  2. When I saw the palatial splendour of Jagdeo’s house, I was totally dumfounded and flabbergasted. Many politicians in the UK don’t live like that. I hope investigations are carried out as to the origins of Jagdeo’s wealth.

  3. the ppp is giving away our country, through secret deals , our country belongs to the people, not to a seat of people sitting around a table, ok
    we w ant our country for our people, so there, you have no shame, shut up
    you are so annoying, you dclare everything
    start with your bank book or statement, and all the ministers, and declare everything, we look and see how we may help you
    as it is now , the people have spoken, respect that, i stand behind mr granger
    i am indian , but not like you, i have a heart, and i want to help my people

  4. Over 23yrs in power, the PPP have given away large swathes of Guyana to relatives, friends and foreigners. This must end now.

  5. The PPP should n must be audited about there monthly income n there assets..n property they r having abroad.Guyenese people cant get a simple land line phone in their home .The internet sucks.All PPP members n staff must be held accountable for their actions n the way they brainwashed innocent people.what happen to our tax dollars.

  6. Bharrat we have a solution for all the haters. The few educated ones will clean the shit from your shoes and the others will be put on a boat and sent back to Africa. No need for food or water they will eat each other and survive.

  7. I agree with all the comments above, Jagdeo give it up now, you have had your chance and you blew it badly – you have lost what ever touch you had.
    let the new touch get a chance to make things right in the country, like the cleaning up of the city. Are you not ashamed to see that beautiful city look like a garbage dumb.
    Shame on you – please stop and then leave gracefully

  8. Jagdeo, go back to your political grave yard. Let Guyanese walk the streets of Guyana without listening to your Jumbee stories. Do you realize that because of your entry into the political fray that the PPP is now out of power? Don’t worry it will take a very long time before the paint on your mansion is painted in the national colors and the guars hut are torn down while goats, cows and donkeys graze on your now manicured lawns. Remember the Guyanese pilot who landed in Puerto Rico? Tak haf and let Jumbee raiders do the rest.

  9. People who is fair minded will quickly agree to a recount.
    The results as it stands may be compromised though it is very close.
    The ones that lies here and flies accusations are pro at this and is their daily lies.
    If nearly 50 % is against you.
    Any politician do not have the mandate to govern.

  10. They feel that the country is theirs but is we are the people that have to put them there not them but they use the opportunity to do as they like now it finish they crying stop it we cry for too long when you was having fun and nothing to eat no jobs for the young generation it’s a change for betterment not not greed and selfishness we are all guyanese and our leader should always be the worker for the people of the native land not to sew one rise and one down so get it now …..

  11. James,you are a paid servant,but the sauce is running out.you can hold on to your belief as puppets like you do,can`t help themselves,can`t think for themselves,this is unfortunate.your time is LIMITED.

  12. Totally agree with everyones comment. Hope to see some of them get jail. Whats disturbing is how these fake documents got printed. Gecom as well as the British high commissioner supported these claims. Hope the new government is not part of this.

  13. Jagdeo,are you living in this world,or some other place?if you live in this world and you played any game,I am certain you or your team LOST some time or the other,and you play according to the RULES.YOU are so accustom to being on the other side of the law,that you don`t respect it.NO ONE,OR PARTY IS INVINSIBLE,YOU WILL BE BEATEN SOME TIME OR THE OTHER,AND YOUR TIME OF DEFEAT IS NOW.It is unfortunate,that you are dismissing what the observers YOU INVITED from abroad,to oversee these elections TOLD YOU,“the elections were free,fair and credible.“WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT TO HEAR.YOU ARE POOR LOSERS,YOU CANNOT WIN ALL THE TIME,IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  14. I think that if the election is fair as the international observers say then why they don’t want a recount to satisfy the ppp and their supporters

  15. The soup what you singin fah finish lang time ago. PPP lose. Now shut up and let progress and national unity start.

  16. Totally agree. Roll over Jagdeo! U have blinded many people with racial filth. The majority has spoken.


  18. Jagdeo….this guy he ripped off guyanese …giving huge contracts to chinese and other overseas companies so he can get a kick back…thats why he is the richest former president…he know now that APNU won he will not have his PPP minions as his support system to help him him while he continue rob the country. That’s why he is now crawling out making statements. no wonder all other countries rate his as an opportunist (thief in other words)

  19. What they should do now, in keeping with their promises, the newly elected government should start the process of prosecuting you. You have the audacity to come out and talk about not rolling over and accepting defeat. Somebody like you should be ashamed to talk about dishonesty! Donald Ramotar if he has any sense at all should do everything possible to expel you from the PPP.

  20. Attention all the PPP has evidence of the PNC and GEECOM jointly RIGGED the 2015 Elections.
    Let’s examine the evidence!
    Let’s see if this is a false accusation?
    Let an investigation be launched.

  21. You are such a sour looser…Bow your head and accept defeat… Introspect!!!! Did you really think that you could could perpetually abuse and disrespect us? Of course not!!!! Change has indeed come!!! GET OVER IT!!!!

  22. Why not have a free and fair count of the ballots if the elections were deemed to have been free and fair? Make the whole system fair. Do a proper count now and eliminate the next 4 years of cries of cheating.

  23. Bhar Rat you are the cause of PPP loosing this election!!! the six thousand votes are the six thousand Guyanese that have to look at your Mansion every day.


    YOU LIE ////

  24. mr jadeo, if you don, t like it you and your afilates pack your bags and go away,
    made be to usa. or canada , or uk. the people have spoken , we want changes
    but not with your kind of people,
    our people need a diffrent kind of breeze blowing on them, your behavaiour

    is so imature, it like someone took away your lolipop,that not true. your knd have been eatng the lolipop . for the past 5 years.its finish,

    now , mom has given the lolipop, to your brother, and you are crying, when you had yours you never shared it , with your brother

    so sad, now you gona , know what it like to be without, a lolipop, so learn to live
    mom desision is final

  25. The international observers made their assessment and said that the elections were free and fair, so jagdeo whats your problem boy like you want trouble in Guyana accept defeat and get lost.23years you guys rule guy ana, betwween 1992 and 1997 cheddie jagan was doing a good job we he died a lot of shit started to happen especially under your 12 year reign time for you to stop your race baiting your racial profiling and get lost before you provoke the people of Guyana

  26. You are only interested in your pension and all the wealth you have grabbed for yourself and your cabal. To think I once respected and voted for you. Your boogie man campaign you ran caused me to lose respect for you. You and Ramotar would soil the pages of History as the most evil Presidents who have ever lead Guyana. You have made Burnham look like a saint. I advise you to take your puppet and run.

  27. If jagdeo know what’s good for he he would go in hiding. Ppp so powerful hungry and president granger need to get those people off of the streets, I can’t wait until they all have been jail, this is just to show how stupid they are making things worse for them selves


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