PPP unleashes wrath on SN over ‘mischievous’ editorial – ‘SN must come clean and provide the evidence in its pages’

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it has noted another brazen attempt by the daily newspaper, Stabroek News to tarnish the character and successes of the Bharrat Jagdeo Administration.

‘The opposition-aligned newspaper’ as the PPP described it, published in its Sunday, March 17 publication an Editorial captioned, ‘Pass This Bill’, which according to the PPP  sought to poison the minds of its readers with smut and street talk about the former President.

The ‘opposition-motivated’ editorial said among other things that: “History will undoubtedly record the period of the Jagdeo governance from 2003 to 2011 as one of the darkest and replete with the most egregious crimes…”

The PPP has dismissed such statements and pronouncements by the newspaper, ‘which continues to flaunt it’s so called independence’ as highly inaccurate, mischievous and a far cry from the truth.

“The Stabroek News has once again embarked on an exercise of misinformation and a distortion of history not to mention its efforts at besmirching the Jagdeo/PPP Administration… if the Stabroek News wants to write about history recording the darkest and most egregious crimes, then it must refer to the assassination of Walter Rodney in 1980, the killing of two innocent Guyanese at # 63 Village during the 1973 elections and the range of terror that was unleased in Guyana by the Burnham dictatorship under the threat that our steel is sharper and the 1978 Referendum to vote for the House and kill the Mouse and the murder of Father Darke by PNC sponsored House of Israel thugs” the PPP said in a statement.

The Party challenged the newspaper to prove beyond reasonable doubt that during the 2003/2011 period, rampant money laundering and financing of terrorism was evident, rather than engaging in ‘scandalous and vexatious allegations’.

The PPP is of the view that this “milking of juicy gossip’ by the publication is nothing more than a rouse for witch hunting and a licence for the opposition media to continue targeting the Former President.

 “We wish to remind the Stabroek News and their backers in the political opposition, that it was the Jagdeo’s Administration that brought an end to the reign of the “Fineman Gang” and immediately after, embarked on national consultations aimed at reforming the Guyana Police Force. Further, it was the Jagdeo Administration that led Guyana through five consecutive years of economic growth, while the rest of the world was reeling from global recession. It was under the Jagdeo-led PPP/C Administration that Guyana initiated a plethora of socio-economic projects that have irrevocably laid the foundation to set into motion, the transformative process that is so evident throughout our country” the PPP noted, adding that “It was this vision that resulted in Guyana rising from a State that was once the “eye pass” among its sister CARICOM Member States, where Guyanese were painfully disrespected, and the country made a virtual pariah in the international community, to one that is now lauded by all the multilateral financial agencies for exercising responsible fiscal management of the economy.”

In the view of the PPP, the Jagdeo-led PPP Government must be commended for the many wise initiatives taken with regards to Guyana’s development thrust. 



  1. only rohee sees what the ppp has done in guyana through such rose-tinted lenses, thus; all this tripe and garbage. i honestly wasted three good minutes reading through his nonsense!

    this is the man who lost control of providing basic security to their own constituents – people who vote for them election cycle after election cycle – and when faced with the hard questions about crime in the country, all he could say was; it is the opposition’s faulty. the opposition supports criminals and drug barons.

    rohee and the dictators have long overran burnham and all that they tag him with, real and perceived, so the propaganda coming out of freedumb house won’t wash in these times, for long gone are those days when one man will read the newspapers by the roadside barber tent and folks will come out to listen.

    the political landscape has changed but some of the fools still think putting out lies and disinformation and then accuse your opponent of the same will wash. not in these times because people are better informed and they see what is trending globally and they work things out by themselves.

    hey rhoee! if burnham killed walter rodney why you wasting time and spending human and financial resources with coi, just open your big mouth and own-up to saying it and put it on record just as you did here.

    and i tell you what. if the ppp had any record to stand on, you would have better things to do than to write tripe about the opposition, because your record would have spoken for you and the cabal and definitely would have stood on its own.



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