PPP to elect new GS, Executive Committee today


The recently elected Central Committee of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) will today meet at Freedom House, Robb Street, Georgetown, to vote for the Executive Committee. This Committee will be the highest decision-making forum within the Party. freedom-house
At today’s meeting, the 35-member Central Committee will vote for the Party’s new General Secretary (GS); the Executive body, comprising of 15 members and three candidate members.

These candidate members will have all rights except voting powers. Also, today the members will elect the Party’s secretaries who will form its secretariat.

The Central Committee was elected at the Party’s recently concluded 31st Congress held at Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast in December.

While the Party seeks to elect its highest decision-making body today, local observers have pointed out that this will also be an opportunity for members to discuss the youths within the Party and the new movement demanding sweeping changes, as well as the modernisation of the Party’s approach to politics.

The most important aspect of this meeting today will be the fact that those elected on the Executive Committee will wield authority in the PPP until it is successful at winning future elections.

Those elected to the 35-seat Central Committee are: Bharrat Jagdeo with 718 votes; Dr Frank Anthony with 620 votes; Gail Teixeira with 583 votes; Donald Ramotar with 570; Anil Nandlall with 548; Clement Rohee with 522; Ganga Persaud with 512; Irfaan Ali with 511 votes; Zulfikar Mustapha, with 496 votes; Shyam Nokta with 495; Indra Chandarpal with 490; Dr Roger Luncheon with 488; Pauline Sukhai with 460; Nigel Dharamlall with 453 votes; Dr Vindiya Persaud with 439 votes; Hydar Ally with 422; and Vickram Bharrat with 408.

Also making the Central Committee cut are Dharankumar Seeraj with 393; Komal Chand with 378; Collin Croal with 360; Alister Charlie with 356; Brian Allicock with 326; Neil Kumar with 321 votes; David Armogan with 317 votes; Jennifer Westford with 304 votes; Vishwa Mahadeo with 289; Clinton Collymore with 287; Kwame McCoy with 281 votes; Dr Bheri Ramsaran with 278; Faizal Jaffaraly with 277; Majeed Hussain with 267 votes; Rickey Ramdat with 260 votes; Claire Singh with 255; Anand Persaud with 242; and Mitra Devi Ally with 230 votes.



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