PPP threatens Parliament Motion against ministerial pay hike when recess ends


By Jomo Paul

Parliament Buildings
Parliament Buildings

[www.inewsguyana.com] – With public outcry getting louder over the recent 50% hike in salaries for Ministers of Governments and a number of parliamentary post holders, the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is threatening to bring a motion against the increases when the National Assembly comes out of recess on October 22.

PPP Chief Whip Gail Teixeira told iNews that a motion is one of the options being considered by the Party against the controversial ministerial increases.

When contacted by iNews on Friday she stated that a motion is “most likely” to come before the House but it would rest in the hands of the Speaker of the National Assembly.

“The thing is we can submit a Motion but it is up to the Speaker to allow it. It is up to the Speaker whether he allows any of our Motions or not,” said Teixeira.

Over the past week the APANU+AFC Government has been the subject of scathing criticisms from several section of society over its decision to increase the salaries of Ministers, Vice Presidents, Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee had stated that the increases were essentially ‘meat for the boys and bones for the workers.’

“How can four month old Ministerial neophytes be entitled and qualified for such fat pay checks,” he stated adding “ he (Harmon) and his cabinet colleagues will have to take the blows from an infuriated and offended Guyanese public,” Rohee had stated.
Yesterday, the women’s group Red Thread protested the increase outside of the President and Prime Minister’s office demanding that the increases be withdrawn, urging the government to “reel and come again.”



  1. PPP has the nerves,let them look after all the MONIES they thief from the treasury and conversion of state lands to their private property.They are shameless goons.Go rest in peace PPP.

  2. PPP threatens Parliament Motion against ministerial pay hike when recess ends.
    PPP is like a dead horse trying to reach the wire.
    The house speaker will not grant any PP motion period.

  3. Why a parliamentary motion that is dependent on the Speaker of the House to see the day of light? Even if it is allowed, the Pnc/AFC led government will vote it down. PPP needs to be more vibrant as the official opposition. They need to bring the people out. I was surprised Red Thread took the lead while the PPP is just making noise.


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