PPP says Gov’t displaying “confusion” with Private Public Partnerships

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee [iNews Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee [iNews Photo]

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has chided the APNU+AFC administration over what it says is the display of confusion as it relates to Public Private Partnerships.

Party General Secretary Clement Rohee, at a press conference on Monday August, 28 pointed out that the government has been sending out “mixed signals” to the private sector in this regard.

He said Government Ministers and the President have differered on their statements regarding the issue in the past weeks.

“The PPP believes this is another manifestation of the level of confusion in the APNU+AFC government camp, where everyone seems to be singing from a different hymn book… it exposes the “trial and error” approach of the Granger Administration in the management of the affairs of the country,” said Rohee

He explained that Public/Private ventures have tremendous benefits  for any country pointing out the “Berbice River Bridge  as one of our major Public-Private Partnership  ventures.”

“The construction of the bridge has significantly reduced the time it takes to travel to and from East Berbice, it costs farmers less to move their perishables and other produce to and from East Berbice,” Rohee stated.

Public-Private Partnerships continues to attract greater attention from governments around the world, because of a number of reasons, including development of  local private sector capabilities through joint ventures with large international firms,  increases the levels of private sector participation,  gives a boost to  businesses associated with infrastructure development , supplements limited public sector capacities  as well as extracting long-term value-for-money, The General Secretary also stated.

The PPP is now calling on the David Granger Administration to state clearly its position on Public/Private Parterships.



  1. Gary you need not be sorry for me.Be sorry for yourself and the suffering Guyanese are force to endure under a blatant incapable pack of wolves.

  2. For your information veronica l live and work among world class people. Who are you to judge?l do not profess to be what l am not like you boasters with little so called positions and think you are better than anyone.Fitting into positions you aren’t qualified for……so l can clearly distinguish class from garbage.

  3. Veronica you are a bully beyond word but sadly thats what you are destined to be .People like you are famous all across the world for this reason.What makes you any intelligent .You are venomous ready to attack.Your so called leader is uneducated and unqualified shaming Guyana infront of the world.He greatly lack the composure of a diplomat and his speech filled with sluggard.A third grader will put him to shame reading the same with passion and emphasis . o be.

  4. Anni go shut your mouth… What do u and your bunch of uneducated parasites know about addressing the world stage… Thank god it wasn’t cJagdeo, Rohee, or dunce Donald… None of them being neither intelligent nor articulate…. Having had the misfortune to witness your lord and master Jagdeo addressing a crowd of illiterate party supporters one could only hang ones head in shame and embarrassment. Thank The Lord that this person is not standing in front of the international community representing Guyana….

  5. He is bright enough to get the ABC countries to help in cleaning up the mess the Bar Rat and his cronies left the country in….you and this anni are soupies you idiots will always have some BULLSHIT to write about….go ahead and knock your DUMB asses out!!

  6. Lets face it you would have nothing good to say about President Granger. I feel sorry for you anni…you are seriously blinded by your dislike of Granger, but you can hate all you can. I have seen President Obama read word for word from notes so go ahead and hate all you can…..let me give you food for thought did Romatar never read notes?? and how about his wife with her FUGLY sliver shoes….no class

  7. What do you expect from a n Ex Soldier?you know they are not bright people,he is getting flu just to look at the other world leaders especially knowing his being there is illegal.

  8. You guys condemning Mr Rohee? Why not comment on Granger speech at the U.N.Summit.It was a disgrace to watch a president standing in front of a world of classy people representing Guyana reading word for word from a written speech with no expression.I felt so let down to have such person of little influence represent us.For a moment l taught he was going to fall.

  9. He certainly have capability and can distinguish confusion in a pack people sailing to nowhere.Who are you guys to judge him.

  10. To Observer21, Dennis McKenzie, Stanley Beresford, I say this;- if you participate as a Patriot stay away from rhetoric. Time for distorting, venting, maligning, twisting, accusing has long past. May 11th, 2015 was more than 4 months ago !!!! Research, state facts and you will give credence and support in a meaningful way to the regime of your choice. It helps to build your case. The outburst and downright foolishness doesn’t bring clarity. You all come over as cheap illiterate thugs in possession of a computer ….. you don’t want to !!!! Come on folks !!! … President Granger will never support what you wrote here… he knows the reality and does not engage in such trash talking…. help him… which seems to be your sub conscious motivation here.. you are going about it wrong… think ! think ! Think !

  11. Do you folks know how stupid you have to be to publicly defend bare-faced stealing? Jagdeo really has the goat by the horn.

    The corrupt PPP took Public Private Partnership and corrupted the concept by taking public funds and plugging them into projects that require very little funding from select investors who were close to Jagdeo, then turning over the projects to the minor investors. That is bare-faced stealing.

    The Berbice Bridge Project is a truly corrupt PPP undertaking, and PPP here stands for Parasitic Plundering Party, of which the leader is the number one klepto and the chief scribe is a goat that cannot think for itself.

  12. Funny how Observer21 is alluding to PPP/C frustrating this 4 months old defacto Government. What Observer21 fail to acknowledge is the frustration Granger and Team leashed onto the PPP/C in the last parliament.

  13. What would Rohee know about running a country. These people have no shame they left a mess for the new administration to clean up and they don’t plan on helping. They are being paid fat salaries just to frustrate this 4 months old government.

  14. Rohee is not qualified to lecture to this administration on any subject.I believe,he will do better,if he keeps his big mouth closed,he will only trap a lot of flies,if he doesn`t.

  15. Rohee is the one that is confused, he seems to be equating Public Private Partnership with Public Drug Dealer relationship as it was under the P.P.P. Government.The wicked cannot understand what is the better, for positive good.


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