PPP satisfied with turnout at public meetings

The PPP meeting in Tucville on Friday last.

By Jomo Paul

The PPP meeting in Tucville on Friday last.
The PPP meeting in Tucville on Friday last.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Clement Rohee says the Party is not disenchanted by the low turnout of people at its public meetings across the country.

Since the elections campaigning season has kicked in, the PPP/C has held a number of public meetings across the country, but these events barely managed to attract a handsome amount of people when compared to the opposition coalition.

Last Friday, the PPP held one such meeting at turning point, Tucville, where jus about 60 persons turned up to hear what the Party had to say. The speakers at that meeting included Rohee, Odinga Lumumba, Jennifer Webster and Cabinet Secretary Roger Luncheon

Then on Saturday evening the coalition held a meeting at the very location and was able to attract well over 200 persons.

When questioned at the Party’s weekly press conference, Rohee said it is generally expected in the early campaign stages that the turnouts would be minimal, but from what it has seen so far, the Party is satisfied.

“Public meeting vary depends on where they are held…so one cannot expect…we never expect to see turnouts at public meetings at the beginning of the campaign of the types that we would see at Babu John…the turnout of the villagers and the communities differ from place to place. You cannot use 40 people at a public meeting as a measuring rod for turnout at PPP public meeting…there have been public meetings where they have had 300 people,” explained the Party’s General Secretary.

Rohee maintained that even if one person turns up to a PPP Public meeting, they will stay and talk to that one individual.

“Dr Jagan always taught us, even if there is one person at a meeting, you better talk to that one person,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rohee was also asked about mass emails which are being sent to the private email address of thousands of Guyanese.

The mail, which is purported to be sent from the PPP, details a 15 in 2015 plan for the Guyana Police Force by President Donald Ramotar.

However Rohee said that he did not have any knowledge of such an undertaking being carried out by the Party.

“I don’t know anything about that…I can’t comment on that” Rohee told a news conference on Monday.



  1. People are not so interested in bottom house and street corner meetings now. Majority of the people use the media to get the news, and they read Kochuer News to get a laugh and entertainments. Under the Opposition rule Guyanese had to walk a few miles to get want they want, but under this progressive Government Guyanese get everything at their finger tip.

  2. Why would the PPP hold a meeting at Turning Point on Friday night and attract 60 people, then return to the same spot the following night and attract 200 people? Was the PPP dissatisfied with the turnout Friday so it paid attendees or transported people on Saturday?


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