PPP raps Granger on Cabinet appointments

President Granger and some members of his cabinet. [iNews' Photo]

President Granger and some members of his cabinet. [iNews' Photo]
President Granger and some members of his cabinet. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is accusing President David Granger of ‘cronyism and nepotism’ in light of several Cabinet appointees.

In a press release, the main opposition pointed out that while the APNU+AFC was in Opposition, they spoke publicly about nepotism, cronyism, corruption and the necessity for people’s participation in government.

“They sang these mantras to every media house. Just a few days into government and the nation is witnessing nepotism, cronyism, corruption and the failure to consult,” the release noted.

The PPP also criticized President Granger of renaming Ministries and the Convention Centre without consulting with the Guyanese people.

“Indeed, the citizens were not even offered the courtesy of an explanation for these changes. Ministers are appointed but their credentials remain a secret to the people whom they are appointed to serve.”‎

Additionally, the President is being chided for appointing his Son – in – Law, Dominic Gaskin as Minister of Business and Investment. It should be noted that Gaskin has been a member of the Alliance For Change (AFC) for many years.

“The cronyism and nepotism has begun from the very top. David Granger has appointed his son- in- law as Minister of Investment and Business. The nation has no clue what this portfolio entails. So once again, like Forbes Burnham we witness another President making his son-in-law a Minister. Noel Holder, an unknown political quantity but the husband of AFC Founding Member Sheila Holder, now deceased, is slated to be appointed Minister of Agriculture,” the PPP noted.‎

The Opposition says it now “await the voices of those members of civil society who proclaim themselves the watch dogs of democracy.”‎



  1. child’s play to what the racist ppp/c did……plus Mr. Gaskin was from the opposing side and a senior member of the AFC…..the ABC Countries knows this….

  2. Donald had his daughter in charge of the gold board. His son was in charge of the fiber optic cable. He pardon a child killer. We can go on and on. The ppp was doing worst. So give the new government a chance and enjoy the changes u haters

  3. Lol I must say you people really don’t know the difference between rigging an election and winning an election. It really hurts when you tell the truth to some people. When the comments piling in with racial remarks pointing to the East Indians Sandra not disappointed in inews then but just remember everyone has a right to express themselves. It’s called freedom of speech, something everyone abuse.

  4. You sound like a racist idiot. You talk about renaming buildings…what about all the Multi-lateral Schools that Burnham established and Jagdeo distroyed??? Look at the new breed of youths that Guyana has produced in the last 23 years. Which is worse, renaming buildings or denying some young people the opportunity to get a good and free education. And by the way, did Jagdeo get the People’s consent to change the name of the Airport to Cheddi Jagan Intl. Airport? Seems like most of you racist pigs have selective memory… remembering what you want to remember. God is waiting for hipocrits like you! !!

  5. You can hardly understand what is good, when you cannot even spell the word. Further, that watch dog society that was silent when Bharat’s Family became a Minister, when Ramotar Kids were appointed to head state agencies, when The Minister of Finance was supervising his wife and vice versa, and the GRA head had converted that agency into a family business can hardly expound on the current appointpments without comparing them with what occurred under the PPP.

    You spent 23 years blaming Burnham and the PNC for everything. Well get ready for a taste of your own medicine. And we will not be using anecdotes as arguments, we will be presenting facts.

  6. George FYI its the very first time tribute is given to Guyana’s first official president. Mr Granger was placed there to rule this country free and fairly, as citizens of Guyana we need to trust his judgements and only time will tell whether he is a Burnham, Hoyte, Cheddi, Jagdeo or Ramotar but for now and as far as i am concerned, he can only be himself.

  7. seriously! plz examine your statement. has the ppp/c ever consulted you before doing any thing. pot calling the kettle black.people please act like educated folks and stop allowing race to lead you by the nose.

  8. What is sad and sick about this is that the international community must be wondering what kind of people who supposedly ran a Government for 23 years can be making such a spectacle of themselves. They look like a bunch of uneducated, henchmen who cannot accept that they lost. It was their party that said that the results must be respected. What is the problem now? Look around the globe has anyone ever seen such a disgusting show of nonsense? They are out and cannot get their hands on the country’s money, so it has become an issue.
    Guyana, GET UP, STAND UP, STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS and show the world that we can live in unity and move forward from racial stupidity and outright ignorance. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS.

  9. This person is the vilest low life, he, she, it is proposing violence and it is being tolerated by i News. I am disappointed.

  10. I believe in giving people a chance to prove themselves. Everything needs to be transparent. All those who are elected to office should have their credentials posted for the people to see. And that applies to all parties.

  11. What was the name of the airport before the present name? Was the Guyanese people consulted before it was renamed. The airport was named for the people who own Guyana, the Amerindians. All you who cussin out, you DO NOT OWN THE COUNTRY.

  12. The ignorance of people like you would only die with you because your intellect is none existent. If as you wrote ” U shoulda build a big ship to sen dem bak to Africa wid nuff speed an mek sure wen it stop it explode.” you are showing your ignorance. It says you do not even know the history of the country. As the English would say, you can assume someone is ignorant, but when they speak or write as you did, you have certainly proved it.

  13. Be careful all can fall back on u and yr generation-the bun and stone channa bam and acid – u be careful because I sending them all back to u and yr generation now

  14. Did u ask what was really going on when there was the Minister of Finance and a Minister within that Ministry and the Minister of LG&RD and a Minister within that Ministry ——— so that is what is really going on

  15. president +vice president + vice president +vice president + minister in de affice of de president + prime minista + minista of social protection + minista of social cohesion + minista in de ministry of social cohesion . ow , gie me lil minista wuk too nuh !

  16. Y mollesting de PPP, they were gud Goverment, they who take the country forward, APUN don’t ve head to rule, they r all blunts

  17. Was the nation asked about renaming the airport – no . so I suggest the nation be asked now if it shd remain CJIA or Timehri . My vote for TIMEHRI

  18. @green giant – well said, first one is naga-sell-out-mootoo, then ramjattan, dem o learn the hard way

  19. Reading your comment reminds me of how ignorance became a “forerunner” in Guyana among the Guyanese people. Isn’t it ironic that when Jagdeo and Ramotar were doing “their thing” for the past 23 years, none of you were bold enough to speak up. Now someone else is at the HELM, it’s all mouths open, and everyone has an opinion about Pres. Granger, P.M. Nagamootoo. All Guyanese need to get on your knees and thank God for showing up on May 11, 2015.

  20. Some people cannot get out of their racial mode. We are trying to mould a nation. To forge all the races into one proud Guyanese nation, yet some stupid people are bent on making racist remarks. We have to re-educate them, so the new minister should take note.

  21. Look at the pack of wolves Donald the lame duck ,irfaat ,the bend ass brindle ,the larwa anil ,I didn’t see the racist devil .evil wicked ba rat ,the goat roohee forget the manic hand the cuss out lady ,like to cuss ambassador,aha Haa Haa this is the right job for these monsters

  22. The only family thing was done by the fools who are on the streets now and forever, they rape Guyana and they did the worse crimes to the ppl of Guyana DRUGS,RAPE MURDER, and fill family members bank accounts with our money, they so full of greed its the OIL got them walking in circles, they VEXXX they cant thief from that , look at the vehicles they give to family and friends,big contracts and still crying like kids,,the lotto money 90m and they empty the consolidated fund, talk about family and friends they will picket for the rest of time,,,

  23. PPPC will cry about everything didn’t hear nothing when jagdeo sell the county to his friends and family.

  24. This is how military dictators behave and this is the discipline Joey Jagan said Guyana needs. The renaming of the International Convention Centre is a touch of Burnham. Another example is the National Cultural Centre which was a gift from the people of India when the late Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister. The proposed name was Indian Cultural Centre but Burnham dictated that it be given its current name.

    When they are ready to rename the Cheddi Jagan International Airport I suggest, instead of using a ladder, Joey Jagan should climb on Moses Nagamootoo’s shoulder and pull the signage off. Both of these men should do that in the name of “unity”.

  25. They are no “Main Opposition” only Opposition. So it should be read as ” The opposition party PPP” and so on. Come on people get it right.

    I had no issue with the family thing only if it is a conflict of interest. These are ministers who have to serve us. However, when it comes to contracts and i see preference when it comes to family ties then i will speak out. Another thing, its a whole new ball game. This time its not about having people to control to do your ill biding as we are now finding out from the PPP regime, like the GTA fake tourist numbers fed to the nation, this is about positive cooperation for the betterment of Guyana.

    And Culture wise, we all know that in the afro domain we are free thinkers. So please

  26. Under the PPP, was the public consulted on Bai Shan Lin’s logging operations, the contract awarded to supposedly enhance the airport, or even the majestic Amelia Falls contracts? And I seem to remember something about a big cable that never came up for consultation with the public…. PPP, you are an embarrassment to your predecessors and to Guyana. Please just shut it and go read up on the word ‘corruption’. Seriously.

  27. Lol…. lol…Firstly I don’t think most of them even knows what hit them yet. Secondly……Old people have a saying that “your own fart does wake you up” its just a matter of time. They were preaching all they had to just to keep the ignorant ones pumped. Half of them don’t have no good background or education. Let’s see how well this benefits the supporters and how well it benefits the ABC countries.

  28. politics a very deadly game where some sells their soles for power. do any politician care for the masses –this thing is a family thing especially on pnc part..they proved it before..history bound to repeat itself. lets sit back and relax and enjoy the ride..some of those that joined the pnc will soon know what their role is..their role is to serve pnc and not the people.

  29. Minister of Social Cohesion, Minister of Social Protection, Minister in the Ministry of Social Cohesion….What is really going on?

  30. Morning Guyana. I am proud to be Guyanese, but right now what is going on in Guyana do not make
    Sense, we are all ONE people ONE nation ONE destiny
    We are TWO RACE that cannot do with out each other
    Where there is a black there is an Indian, that is how
    We get mix race,the thing you guys are doing to the
    Country is scaring people off from visiting your country
    Come on you people get on your knees and pray for
    Peace in the country. Every President had their chance of ruling the country why condeming another
    Give him a chance to prove him self what he can bring out and do for the Nation he is not wearing a mask and he have a very intelligent wife by his side to make him a succesful President for a brighter Guyana God bless u Mr and Mrs Granger thank you for being the President and your wife the first lady of Guyana

  31. Anyone listening to these hollow criticisms. PPP is speaking about their own MO while in government. Sounds like the fox and the grapes to me.

  32. It is absolutely amazing that the PPP/C has the nerve to suggest nepotism. What do you call the family members on your pre-elections list? Oh yes…”counting on support from family…” My bad…I am one of the dunce and underexposed supporter of you…sorry.

  33. hahahhahah. Oh my word. The fireside tawa calling the coal pot dirty. ohohohoho. This made my day just reading it. Dominic is a qualified guy unlike much of the family and friends the PPP appointed starting with the ex-President and his people.


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