PPP provides evidence of GECOM’s PRO support for opposition; writes Chairman

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Richard François

By Kurt Campbell

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Richard François
Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Richard François

[www.inewsguyana.com] –  The governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP), following its objection to the newly appointed Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) earlier this week has provided evidence, dating back as much as four years, to cement its claim that Richard Francios is openly  supportive of the political opposition.

The PPP has also written GECOM’s Chairman, Dr. Steve Surujbally drawing his attention to the evidence and to formally object to the Francios’ appointment.

The PPP restated in its letter “while the PPP respects the rights and freedom of employment, it is our view that Mr. Francios’ known background and political allegiance will compromise the professionalism of GECOM and lead to the bias discharge of his duties.”

The ruling Party says information reaching its members indicates that based on statements made during the run up to the 2011 general elections, the Former Ministry of Education employee is openly supportive and sympathetic to the opposition.

Attached to the letter to Dr. Surujbally are pinpoints of post on Francios’ facebook page as well as articles and letters published in his name in the Kaieteur News.

The PPP is calling on GECOM to withdraw his appointment immediately to ensure its own integrity is protected and the nation is fed with accurate and reliable information from GECOM.

In 2010, François completed his Master of Arts (Honours) Degree from Middlesex University, London in the field of Marketing Communications. He attended the Dubai campus of the university.

Richard graduated from the University of Guyana in 2005 with a Degree in Communications.

He is the former Public Relations Officer (ag) of Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) who pioneered the Company’s first major and successful energy conservation campaign entitled ‘Switch it Off, Plug it Out!








  1. Bobby, I am being fair and reasonable, because when Vishnu was the Gecom PRO he handled information dissemination, while vote counting or any related formula was handled by the Chief Elections Officer Gocool, which was where the real problem existed.
    Now Gocool was booted and Vishnu was promoted, the corrupt and dictatorial PPP is fabricating concerns over a candidate who worked in various positions under the same PPP.
    The PPP is actually scared of elections, and to remain in office or protect its corruption, may have to turn to the same PNC/APNU you guys love to attack.
    François is just being used as a smokescreen.

  2. as is always the case emile Mervin gone off in a tangent! you can’t compare the appointment of Richard francois in the police force with his appointment as pro of gecom- a politically sensitive organization. suppose steve surujballi is openly supportive of the ppp and writes letters in the press condemning the pnc, do you think you would be comfortable with that? ow man, let’s be fair and reasonable.

  3. your bunham was fuss and only column at one time eh…wont u love your fat boi to come to life again to rule? u would love it wont u.stop talking your trash here and keep your filth for the crime rag sn

  4. why should gecom have to wait on the ppp to provide evidence about the political affiliation of its pro? shouldn’t they have done the necessary background checks to find out this in the the first place ? I think gecom is very slack and that is why one of its officials got away with murder in hiding 19 ballot boxes from the ppp strong holds and not counting them. this official has to be an opposition member/ supporter. is gecom ready for any elections? I say a resounding no! to the ppp I say, keep scrutinizing gecom , for mischief might be afoot.

  5. Clement Rohee is a fifth column without even knowing that he is and what the label means. He and the PPP are obviously scared of elections, so any excuse will have to be dug up and presented. If the PPP does not like any information produced by the PRO, which has to be first vetted by the Chairman and Chief Elections Officer of Gecom, all it has to do is seek clarification, It cannot control Gecom!
    Inewsguyana should ask Rohee to explain why in June 2013, he, as Home Affairs Minister, approved the appointment of Richard Francois as one of the 10 members of the civilian oversight body – Strategic Management Department – to help reform the Guyana Police Force, of which Rohee has ministerial responsibility.
    At the time of Francois’ appointment to the SMD, he was the Strategic Communications Consultant with the Ministry of Education, and no one from the PPP had ever accused him of writing in favor of the opposition.
    Inewsguyana should also ask Rohee to update the nation on the status of the much vaunted SMD and police reforms, which saw three resignations by October 2013, even though the 10 members were being paid between GY$125,000 and GY$135,000 each a month.

  6. When these PNC-Riggers manage to get in by hook or crook.
    They will brazenly laugh in your face and bully you as done before.
    The tokens will be well fed and will around proudly without guilt.
    They have done it before.
    One thing for sure, do not make Mozes PNCAPNUCootoo fool you and take your vote away.

  7. where to find one that is not affiliated with pnc -ppp?
    surujbally and vishnu persaud showed where their hearts lie.
    they all want pnc back in power now..guyana awashed with money and major contracts and these indian pncites like surujbally vishnu persaud anand persaud glen lall ramjatan nagamootoo and a handful of others not getting in….ppp blanking all of them and will blank them big time when they call no confidence..


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