PPP LGE campaign: Concerns plaguing Essequibians addressed

Jagdeo being greeted with a hug by a senior resident in an Essequibo village during a walkabout
A section of the gathering during the meeting on the Essequibo Coast

In kicking off its Local Government Election (LGE) campaign in Region 2 (Pomeroon/Supenaam), the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) through it General Secretary Dr Bharrat Jagdeo met with hundreds of residents who were eager to express the concerns plaguing their county.

Jagdeo in a two-day tour of Essequibo held public meetings and met with residents in several communities, and even visited the Charity Market and met with Pomeroon farmers.

The PPP General Secretary also held well-attended community meetings along the Coast, where he listened to the many problems facing the people in various sectors, especially the rice industry.

Many rice farmers during the meetings said they were unable to go back to the lands, due to the low prices for paddy and the many new taxes implemented by the present Administration, especially on fertilisers, drugs and farm equipment.

Moreover, the residents expressed disappointment in the way the present Government is managing the affairs of the country. They also raised concerns about the crime rate, among other things.

Jagdeo being greeted with a hug by a senior resident in an Essequibo village during a walkabout

The Opposition Leader promised to continue the fight for a free and prosperous Guyana. He also warned about the repercussions of Government waiting on oil money and neglecting other sectors.

The People’s Progressive Party first launched its LGE campaign in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) with meetings held at Number 70 Village, Number 56 Village, Hogtown Chesney, and Hampshire on the Corentyne.

Jagdeo pointed out that the Party was implementing a 12-point criteria list for choosing persons to represent their constituencies at the upcoming elections. He said one criterion was to ensure widespread consultation to select a representative.

The Opposition Leader has since asked all to participate in the process, and has said that by August 18, the names of those selected should be submitted to the Party’s head office. As preparations continue, Jagdeo said, the PPP would be ready for Nomination Day, set for September 2018.

The party has also announced plans to balance its list of candidates to contest the LGE on November 12, 2018, by having 50 per cent come from within the Party and 50 per cent from civil society.

Jagdeo said the idea of balancing the slate was to ensure that it includes people coming directly from the communities, who have skills and could relate to the community and push to have the communities improved.



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