PPP is squandering State funds on Election Campaign – Granger

APNU Members L-R David Granger,Amna Ally and Winston Felix

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) today accused the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Government of squandering state funds on its pre-election campaigns.

APNU Members L-R David Granger,Amna Ally and Winston Felix
APNU Members L-R David Granger,Amna Ally and Winston Felix

In a prepared statement that was read by Leader of the APNU David Granger, it was noted, “The People’s progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) administration has started its elections campaign with a massive spending spree of state funds. The squandermania is aimed unapologetically at wining votes from constituents and communities which the PPP/C is neglected for years.”

Government Ministers, Priya Manickchand, Norman Whittaker, Pauline Sukhai, Juan Edghill and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds have been identified by the APNU as the persons at the forefront of the spending spree.

Granger noted that it is not illegal but is convenient since the Party is only doing this to gain political mileage.

“The PPP is now in full election mode. It has deliberately delayed development projects so that they can be implemented and completed closer to the expected elections.”

The APNU Leader also noted with great attention, the threat by Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

“Threateningly equipped the Guyana Police Force with riot gear and has provocatively started training in crowd dispersal. This was timed to coincide with the stat of peaceful and lawful protests by A Partnership for National Unity to call local government elections last week.”

Granger went on to quote the Home Affairs Minister, who recently said he was preparing, “for the fight that is looming on the horizon on the elections front…to ensure that the Party is up and ready to contest successfully any of the two elections that are in the air.”

He then issued a call to Guyanese to beware of the motives “behind the PPP’s massive spending spree. The PPP/C is squandering state funds, not its own money, to win support for its elections campaign.”

The Party’s Chief Whip Amna Ali questioned the timing of a number of projects by the Government including the distribution of the $10,000 school grant, the distribution of equipment by Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker to neighborhood Democratic Councils throughout the country.

She explained that these projects were budgeted for since earlier in the year but they were put off until its closer to elections.

She then spoke of the Prime Minister’s many visits to Berbice campaigning instead of dealing with the electricity problems that continue to affect thousands of Guyanese.

She said the PM is in Berbice posing with fruits and smiling. Ally questioned why only certain villages in East Berbice have received OLPFs and said it is blatant that the Party is giving it to people who supported them in the past.



  1. well grangah fat boi order take is right..ppp did infact neglect their main support bases strong holds in favor of pnc strong holds..most if not all infrastructure works were done and or completed in all pnc strong hold the past 20 years…
    now..having said that i will add this..when ramotar was asked in and interview why all these works were completed in all pnc strong holds and none was done in ppp strongholds..ramotar said this…contractors fault..they were paid but they were always late or never start the work in ppp strongholds..from day one ramotar was not telling the truth..ppp took their main core supporters for granted knowing they will never vote pnc..ppp was too busy trying to buy pnc votes despite ppp knowing too well pnc people will bite the hands that feeds them..always..wont change.. i hope ppp learn their lesson to not take their main core support base for granted anymore..pnc could hook up with one thousand other political party and cant win election..pnc support base too small plus some of their people never show up to vote because they know pnc cant win once its free its fair its transparent..
    plus many pnc supporters said they dont want to go back to the days of lining up in guyline for food hampers or anything u want u had to line up for it..many pnc supporters are still around to tell you how pnc rulers made them eat from the garbage heap around bourda market area when pnc was in power..u bet your life they and their kids will never put pnc in power to do that to them ever again

  2. it is difficult to follow the argument of mr granger. the student grant was budgeted for since early 2014 when there was no talk of elections or no-confidence motion. elections were due in 2016. must the govt stop all development works and assistance to the populace in December 2013 to please mr granger. this statement by mr granger confirms my belief that all the budget slashing was designed to stifle development so that the voters would see the ppp/c as a failure and not vote for them at elections. this is the height of narrow partisan politics, something the Guyanese people can do without.

  3. Prior to 1992, the PNC bankrupted Guyana. The party “joined” forces with others and called themselves APNU which should’ve broadened their scope and made them a stronger force. Anyone can see that the grouping has become even more bankrupt, in every sense of the word, but especially for ideas. They are now making statements that show a sense of defeat.

    It is a group who have lost their way and don’t know what they want. They have become a bunch of jokers. Rohee should jail Granger and let him spend some time alone, it might rehabilitate his thoughts/mind.


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