PPP hammers gov’t on cancellation of One Laptop Project

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[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee, has noted the Party’s objecting to the cancellation of the One Laptop Per Family Project (OLPF) which was birthed under the former PPP/C administration.

The APNU+AFC government has already taken decisive steps to cut the life of the project by dismissing over 40 staff members and retaining a few that were essential to the operations of the project.

However, Rohee at a Monday press conference said the PPP does not believe that the move will augur well for Guyanese given the “revolutionary” effect it has had on Guyana.

“This project was a critical component of the new frontier development path that will drive a new and more prosperous Guyana. Ninety thousand families, including the most vulnerable across the length and breadth of Guyana were targeted to benefit from this programme,” said Rohee.

According to Rohee, already the project has benefitted more than 50,000 families with another 10,000 to benefit from laptops that were ordered shortly before the PPP left office.

“[Joseph] Harmon walked into a storeroom full of laptops suddenly and determined that 10,000 were no good. Harmon is probably the best stand up auditor to determine which laptops were good and which were bad,” he stated.

Rohee said that such unsubstantiated declarations and unilateral moves by the President David Granger Administration are “deeply suspicious and conveys the impression that excuses are being made to secretly hand over laptops to friends and cronies of the APNU/AFC Coalition.”

When asked what the reason behind such suspicion was, Rohee deflected the question.



  1. Certainly ! Children from all ethnic group benefited.it s shameful how people bold faced deny facts .Mr Larry l have been reading comments over a period of time some made me angry and some on track but your last one really made me laugh bringing out the truth to narrow minded.

  2. I always say one thing this guy “Rohee” is a comedian.Good for laughter honestly.Please when educated People from the PPP/C start making statements,then i’ll listen.Rohee is a confounded idiot,honestly

  3. The colation will replace them with a CUTLASS for every home,all the school children will be required to cut cane before entry to UG,Burnham is still alive.

  4. My question is Rohee, why were the Laptops in a storeroom, and not in the people’s home as promised? FYI, if that storeroom was not air conditioned, the heat would destroy the circuit boards. You should be ashamed of yourself, the real purpose for that so-called campaign, was to garner votes.

  5. Laptops For Educating Guyanese Children:

    When I look at the photograph of children who benefited form those Laptops. I see ONE Ethnic groups of children

    Which begs the question now.

    Were these Laptops given to a specific ethnic group’s children.

    Or were they supposed to be distributed equitably?

    After all, all Guyanese pay taxes, and none should be debarred from the benefits obtained from the state.


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