PPP GS vows not to relent in face of challenges from opposition


By Radha Motielall

General Secretary [GS] of the People’s Progressive Party Donald Ramotar has given a personal commitment not to relent in the face of challenges from the opposition.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the PPP’s 30th congress at JC Chandisingh Secondary School in Port Mourant today August 2, Ramotar said the Party and Guyana as a whole cannot afford to relent to an opposition which has proven by their own doing, that they are unfit to run the country.

He told the Party’s membership that they must be resolute in the face of struggles as the progress made so far is not invincible and has to be defended everyday and reinforced.

Speaking to the parliamentary impasses, he said, “This is a wound on the body politic of this nation”.

He said the opposition is cutting the PPP nose to spite the face of Guyana.

He noted also that they have nonsensical stance that growth can be achieved by cutting investments.

Ramotar told congress the opposition has made it clear that they do not care for the people of Guyana or even their own supporters.

In this regard, he said it is up to the PPP to work harder and take care of everyone’s needs, adding that to do this; the Party must rise and re – organise.

He charged the PPP’s membership to be the party of understanding and empathy and to stand up and be that light which the people can turn to.

He stressed that they must press on and re – new the people’s commitment in the PPP.




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