PPP fires back at Diplomats over elections credibility; urges them not to intrude

GECOM and representatives from the ABC countries during the meeting
GECOM and representatives from the ABC countries during the meeting
GECOM and representatives from the ABC countries during the meeting

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has responded to a statement attributed to members of the diplomatic corps over the results of the recently concluded 2015 General and Regional Elections in Guyana.

While the PPP over the past weeks has maintained that the elections were rigged, the ABC countries (ABC) through their local envoys have restated their position that the 2015 national polls were free and credible.

In a recent statement, US Charge D Affaires Bryan Hunt said “in the final analysis, international observer missions found the polling, counting, verification, and tabulation processes to be free, fair, and credible. The final results of the election accurately reflected the votes cast by the Guyanese people.  All political parties should respect the outcome of the democratic process”

But the PPP in a statement on Sunday, May 24 said it “finds this statement unhelpful and at cross-purposes with all the declarations and demands made by the Party ever since Gecom declared the final results of the May 11th 2015 General and Regional elections.”

According to the main Opposition Party, it is neither interested nor desirous of being on a collision course with the US or any other diplomatic mission resident in Guyana, stating there should not be any intrusion by the diplomats in this matter.

“The PPP is urging an end to the persistent diplomatic intrusions into the highly sensitive and emotive matter pertaining to the results of the just concluded general and regional elections which will eventually find its way to the Court in the search for a just and satisfactory ruling .”                        

The Party affirmed that the members and supporters of the PPP/C who voted with confidence and optimism for another PPP/C victory at the polls demand that their votes be respected, safeguarded and re-counted.

“They remain convinced that they were cheated at the polls. The Party maintains that the Foreign Observers while having done their level best at simply observing the voting process at the polling places to ensure that voting was free and fair failed, due to their limited mandate, to play any part whatsoever in the tabulation and verification of the votes cast in favour of each contesting party,” the press release pointed out.

The PPP said that the absence of the observers at the tabulation was a major flaw in the observation undertaking by the international observers. It is not usual to see such flaws dismissed as not having any significant impact on the results of the elections.

“The PPP rejects this notion as an international bad practice. The PPP and the ABC countries represented through their diplomatic representatives in Guyana have enjoyed friendly and cordial relations over the years,” the release stated.




  2. It is truly sad the way the PPP politicians are attempting to mislead and misrepresent this issue to their supporters. Really sad guys.

  3. I am at a lost for words, the hypocrisy is unbearable. PPP lost even though they called out based on race.

  4. The PPP regime invited the international observers. The international observers are not the PPP’s biggest problem; the biggest problem is the PPP’s inability to produce any evidence of rigging, but hopes that a recount of all the ballots could produce a desired result.

    Unfortunately, the PPP did ask for a full recount of Regions 1, 2 and 8, but after the recounts, the PPP was no better off. This is why the call for a full recount amounts to a fishing expedition, but especially in light if the fact that the PPP continues to fail at producing smoking gun evidence to warrant a nationwide recount.

    The PPP can choose to keep calling for a recount or it can choose to regroup and return to the process as the new Opposition and work towards 2020, sans Jagdeo, who is responsible for the party’s defeat.

  5. The PPP and the ABC countries enjoyed cordial relations? I wonder is which administration and Foreign Minister visas were revoked? The PPP is a dictatorship and does NOT respect NO other View but their own, that is how dictatorships operate! The elections is over with, I see most people happy than unhappy with these results, the only sour pusses are those who intended to continue thieving from the treasury, now with the oil fond many are losing sleep. The lesson that the PPP should learn now is Crime Dont PAY!

  6. The PPP needs to stop being the cry baby of present day politics. They need to man up to the fact that they self destruct in the sea of absolute power.
    What is mind boggling is what was said at the trial of Roger Khan as it relates to the soldier that was given asylum.
    What Roger Khan said about Jagdeo.
    I want the colation to immediately set up a commission of inquiry into the death of Satyadeo Sawh one of PPP own that they felt it was not necessary to search the answers. Dont wait until it is twenty years late.
    I want the colation to immediately set up a commission of inquiry into the wealth accumulation of the PPP hierachy.
    I want the colation to immediately set up a commission of inquiry into the NDIA operations and the 60 million house bought by the CEO.
    By the way the American owns it to the People of Guyana to say why a former minster a public figure was refused a visa to the united states.In fact the PPP may need to ask the coaltion that these things are done sooner that later.
    Stop crying fowl Surujbally was your creature.

  7. I think the ABC country should stay out of the election issues with Gecom and the PPP .if uncle Jimmy was so confident the the result was fair why he can’t prove it to the Guyanese nation ??? and if uncle Jimmy trust the Britain county then why us is not under British rule like Canada?????

  8. Only three entities were there to observe. Were they at Congress place or is there a trail to monitor activities.
    What about the others?

  9. the ppp is out to tarnish everyone’s reputation in it quest and greed for power and the international observer all have to speak-up and out about what the ppp are doing to discredit the elections commission, all international observers including the carter center deligation, exxonmobile and everyone they can pick on.

    every single day they pick on someone else and something new bothers them. they are claiming now that foreign delegates / observers were not present at the signing of the sops, which is a big lie because it is documented and was reported that all procedures were followed.

    the new administration has to go out and investigate the likes of bharat jagdeo, donald ramotar, clement rohee, anil nandlall and expose their nastiness and t’iefing ways so that the cult following will understand how much they were being made fools and led astray for their votes.

  10. Oh end your whining and find a life in the real world ,where the PPP was defeated in a close won election. It happens, but the non stop lying on your part does not fool anyone. You think internationalising your lies will gain you any respect and legitimacy:: no all it will bring you in the world is ridicule. No more Soviet Union ,just pragmatic Russia. No more Maoist China ,just a wealthy free market China. Cuba is in the process of throwing off its restrictive communist shackles and will not
    entertain your whining. So where do you go? Yep North Korea is all thats left of-the Stalinist/ Maoist communist world and are considered a dictatorship by their own oppressed people. But you out of date PPP hardliners would love to implement that system for ,that way you could rule forever. Why don’t you all ask for asylum in N Korea and go live in paradise.

  11. The US personnel are known to meddle in Guyana affairs and known to manipulate outcomes starting with John F Kennedy.
    Guyana needs help from a big brother.
    Is it not the reason we have one?

  12. The opposition voters also voted with Confidence and Optimism for a victory for the APNU + AFC.
    The voting process involves : the actual Voting, Counting, Verification and Tabulation. The PPP/C has now singled out the Verification and Tabulation processes as the area where the rigging occurred. GECOM gave the results. The observers said the elections were free, fair and credible.
    We now learn that The ABC reps. are intruding because they are defending the elections results as reflecting the will of the voters.

    How come the PPP/C , including Mr. Jagdeo , did not foresee this potential rigging possibility at the verification and tabulation stages and influence the mandate of the observers to include this?

    Are we to later learn that the ballot boxes were also stuffed?

  13. ppp, go lay down and die,, you always want, i hope you guys never represent us
    you dont love your country or people, u have no peace in you, god is alive and well
    enough, is e nough, all you are dead deadden , entomed

  14. I support this position taken by the PPP. I thought that Mr. Hunte was being very intrusive when I read his comments. Since he wants to intrude, why doesn’t he urge GECOM to concede to the lawful request by the PPP? Observers’ presence at 300 odd polling places could hardly allow for pronouncements of free and fair elections. Guyanese deserves better than an imposed government, inexperienced and hardly prepared to run this country. I am frightened about our future under these people.

  15. Like I said::If the US big man is so sure that all was well and the international observers observed everything then how is it not one of them saw fake sops..
    if they were there observers then lets just to observe and report..then why not report if they did or didnt see fake sops..all all those in charged of this thing only one man –the gecom man saw and say -fake sops..let the US big guy answer that..


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