PPP denies involvement in murder of Crum-Ewing; says APNU+AFC wants to tarnish Party’s image

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews' Photo]

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members.  [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Following an explosive revelation by self – confessed death squad member and former policeman, Sean Hinds, the Opposition, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is denying its involvement in the gruesome murder of political activist, Courtney Crum –Ewing.

Some 24 hours after Hinds broke his silence on the death squad and implicating the PPP in Crum-Ewing’s murder during an interview with Travis Chase on HGPTV Nightly News, the PPP issued a statement, blaming the APNU+AFC government for creating the ‘Shawn Hinds’ plot, aimed at tarnishing the PPP’s reputation.

While not commenting on the death squad issue, which was established during the PPP’s term in government in 2003, the Party stated, “Leader of the AFC and Ministers of the APNU/AFC Government have already discovered PPP/C involvement from the very evening of the execution of Crum-Ewing and publicly proclaimed the direction that the investigation must take in establishing the political connection, the political intellectual authors, the PPP of his murder.

Shawn Hinds
Sean Hinds

“The PPP/C exposes this entire effort as a plot by the APNU/AFC Government. It is apposite to note that at no time did Sean Hinds mention Ministerial involvement.”

According to the Party’s statement, “The APNU/AFC Government is ashamed to admit their failure to uncover those levels of corruption and accept the conclusion that they misled the Guyanese people.   The plot involving Shawn Hinds incriminating PPP/C Ministers and Members must be exposed for what it is, designed by the Granger-Government to tarnish the image of the PPP with accusations of murder and directing the investigations to prove PPP/C involvement.”

The statement further noted, “The PPP/C rejects any involvement in Crum-Ewing’s murder. The PPP/C rejects the vile attempts by the Government to link it with the killing. The PPP/C calls on the Guyana Police Force to disclose the results of their investigations into the murder. The PPP is confident that this disclosure will exonerate the PPP/C fully.”

Courtney Crum-Ewing. [iNews' Photo]
Courtney Crum-Ewing. [iNews’ Photo]
The PPP however did not distance itself from Hinds, who was charged with murder but subsequently acquitted in the High Court. He was recently the bodyguard of the now sacked Town Clerk, Carol Sooba, who is closely affiliated with the PPP.

Hinds was also observed at numerous PPP events and at Freedom House on Robb Street. Crum – Ewing was gunned down on March 10, 2015 at Third Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara while using a bull horn to encourage residents to vote for the APNU+AFC.

Hinds, during the exclusive interview pointed fingers at two activists of the PPP, whom he said should be questioned by the police. After four months, investigators finally made an arrest on Friday last in the man’s murder but Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud would not reveal the identity of the suspect in custody or where he was arrested so as not to hamper the investigations.

As such, Hinds believes that the man currently in police custody may have identified him as the shooter, thus his decision to speak out and clear his name.

“Somebody implicate me in Crum-Ewing murder, saying that I was the person who pass the money or the person who went with the killer. At no time, I did not went with no killer,” Hinds told Travis Chase.

He further explained that he was visited the PPP’s Freedom House Headquarters on Robb Street on Tuesday, after he noticed a heavily tinted vehicle in close proximity to his home.

The former policeman said that upon arrival at Freedom House, he was surprised with the behavior of renowned PPP activist who served in the previous government, after he related his concerns to him.

“Them people know who kill this man you know. And yesterday [Tuesday] when I go and tell this man and I go in there for a little shelter to settle me nerves and to catch myself and if you see this man how he jittery boy. If you see how this man operating jittery jittery jittery.”

Hinds further opined that another PPP activist may have paid for Crum-Ewing’s execution; describing him as a popular businessman who owns a TV Station.



  1. This guy is a clown calling out the PPP when he is caught up in the law to try and save himself.Typical that the PPP now look at their party and flush out all the greedy ones! As old people would say___Some people hang their mouth where soup is falling! This is one of them who is looking to Join the APNU! Since APNU enter office what have they done for the local people? ZIP! All they are doing is on the social media everyday trying to exposed the PPP faults! Who cares a rat about the PPP! Stop focus on the past and look to the future of the people! Then again these clowns has no money or common sense on anything! So their right choices are-lets run after Jagdeo wealth….but little do they know, Jagdeo is way smarter than all the clowns added together of the APNU and AFC!

  2. The corruption of the previous administration is breath taking, no wonder the were walking around in circles bemoaning their loss in the elections… Didn’t have time to fix up books and tidy up their nasty dutty dealings, now the S has hit the fan and they are getting their lungs full if the stench they created…

  3. You are so biased!!! All the ‘accusations of corruption” including the G.P.L/PetroCaribe one is as a result of evidence gained from Forensic Audits. Everyone including yourself know that PPP/C is a bunch of corrupt rogues. i would have thought that people like you and SHAUN here would have been so ashamed to say anything in support of these thieves after what is being unearthed about them. Yes APNU/AFC maybe hadn’t no idea what a mess the PPP/C was, they can’t imagine how evil they are, which is not about governance but about saving this country from the Devil owns grasp. Governance is much more easier and cleaner job.

  4. Of course the PPP is not telling the truth, first the murder was no political involvement…and now the HIT MAN was hired after the crime, these people are the essence of WICKED/ EVIL.. they are always looking to save their asses. Jagedeo allows a private hanger for his buddy to bring in drugs and money in the country. Ok now murder nothing should surprise us any longer. The ABC countries are seeing all of this playing out , The PPP one of the most crooked government one God’s earth.

    And the soupies cries election was rigged, they wrote the book on DISHONESTY!!!

  5. but emile didnt the coalition claim to have a magical solution for Guyana, one so grand that withing a hundred days the would undo all the wrongs that the former government has done, wsnt that the message?, now they are in , they now realize that they are in the same boat too so in order to dont make it look bad they resort to distractions. every thing Fumblers at work said is facts, while on the other hand the DE FACTO government of the day is just sitting there trying to find all the wrongs they can to level against the former government. here is something to think about Mr. Green, the mayor of Georgetown, how many people have he been accused of killing? but yet he sits as a proud member of the government.

  6. The coalition regime is not going to undo in 100 days what took 23 years of the PPP crime syndicate to establish. So rather than assume the regime is incapable of governing, ask yourself why your PPP was so criminally corrupt and no one in the Cup could have stopped the criminality.

  7. @ Fumblers at work …..yes you continue to be heavily entertained and don’t forget,out of office as well,and for a long long time as well.lol

  8. What is done in the dark will come to light PPP. Denials and pointing fingers will not cover up facts. The evil that men does lives after them. Hinds is the window into your dark side. Bet roger khan has already performed his song . The two stories together will make for interesting reading.

  9. We did not expect you to say otherwise! You still believe you’re above the law, but I can promise you this once enough Guyanese, who Love their country, decide to call upon the UN to get involved, your denials will be worthless!

  10. I wonder if the highway thieving at GPL only in today’s news is not evidence of corruption? What about the lady who was transferring government vehicles to herself and family?

  11. Tarnishing the PPP’s image was/is the primary agenda historically. Was it a surprise that the Sun Chapman was being observed after the take over of government May 11th by the PNC cum AFC ? Come on PPP …. while I agree that it is incumbent to expose and to put facts into perspective … this should be put over differently….Shawn Hinds is not attacking the PPP if he was he would not have shown up in Robb Street seeking ‘shelter’ Don’t be defensive…. With the accusations we were fed years before the May 2015 elections, the bombardment we faced, we the public felt that none of you in the PPP and PPP/C would be left alive and kicking…. Well, 60 days of 100 days have gone by and all we are having is winding down dosage of accusations of corruption…. these folks in the new regime are only beginning to understand what governance takes, what it demands, … already the President can’t handle it he flying out the quickest opportunity he gets…. VP Ramjattan fumbling, PM Nagamootoo at a lost finding all ears catching publicity phrases to make it look like governance coming around….the problems are now with brain drain…it is more subtle excuses upon excuses…and more diversions are being pulled out of the closet…. the AFC participants to the elections gerrymandering are now wondering what they got themselves into …. a new reality is dawning upon them and we are patiently looking on… except we heard that the Exxon oil find is 12 times our GDP !!! We continue to be heavily entertained….

  12. Many people do not believe the PPP/C is telling the truth about this Shawn Hinds connection, and the assassination of Courtney Crum-Ewing.


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