PPP demands implementation of Fiscal Transfers Act

Some PPP MPs

By Jomo Paul

Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan. [iNews' Photo]
Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – While the APNU+AFC parliamentary majority on Tuesday August 25, passed the 2015 Budget for the Ministry of Communities, the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) Opposition is demanding that the government implement the regulations of the Fiscal Transfers Act.

The demand was made after Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan answered a question with respect to the 2015 Budget indicating that the Fiscal Transfers Act was not implemented.

According to Bulkan, the government is awaiting holding of Local Government Elections (LGE) before it goes ahead with the implementation. He cited the erosion and decay of local government bodies since LGE was not held in almost two decades, noting that the local government Bodies lack the capacity for such implementation.

In this regard, Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira astutely rejected the notion. She says that the Bill was passed since 2014 hence there is no reason why it should not have been implemented.

“The Honourable Member cannot capriciously decide not to implement it because of his own opinions…therefore we are demanding that the Minister implement the Fiscal transfers act,” said Teixeira.

Some PPP MPs
Some PPP MPs

She noted that the law does not offer exceptions for opinions on the issue. Meanwhile, PPP MP Colin Croal stated that there is an existing formula that can be used to implement the Fiscal Transfers Act; however that was not utilized in the preparation of the Budget.’

There was also a brief spat between several members of the House after Bulkan was unable to state the names of the Ten Regional Executive Officers.

PPP MP Juan Edghill vociferously objected to the Minister asking to provide the names in writing at a later date, indicating that as Communities Minister those names should come easy.

“The people of Guyana need to know who are the people engaged,” said Edghill.

The PPP is alleging that the some of the Regional Executive Officers (REOs) were APNU+AFC election candidates. Governance Minister Raphael Trotman quickly rose to the defence of his colleague asserting that no Government Minister will be bullied into answering questions.

The approval of the Budget also saw the support of a subvention for the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI). The state-company was budgeted for a total of $212M subvention.



  1. Wake up you are still dreaming…with what perfection are you talking about.? Being the biggest crooks ,murders and thieves. What losers for 23 years!!!

  2. Trotman should understand that it is the right for opposition to ask questions in order to keep the government accountable and transparent and to stick to the constitution and parliamentary practises. It is the government that has to provide the answers especially since they are related to the use of state finances. For Trotman to yell that the minister would not be bullied into answering any questions is despicable. He is the minister. He must answer the question . If he doesn’t know, don’t make silly excuses. This bunch of sharks on the government side don’t care anything about paliiamentary procedures and customs. They go about doing things their own way regardless if it is contrary to the constitution

  3. It is sad that the bill was passed since 2014, but it was never implemented and the local government elections were never held in over 20 years. This government is going to implement after the local government elections, because they presently lack the capacity to implement now. All who are making comments, please explain why there is a problem now and there was NEVER a problem before. I am trying to understand the logic.

  4. Looks like there trying to use many of the PPPC’s tricks but are simply amateurs. After all, how can they match what had been perfected over the past 23 years? 😆

  5. This govt wants to flaunt the law and run the country in secrecy. Keep your eyes on that Bulkan. That man is not to be trusted.


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