PPP demands end to ‘political harassment’ of Abdulla, Mc Coy…says their rights are being violated

Jason Abdulla and Kwame Mc Coy

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) moments ago issued a strong condemnation of what the party refers to as continued “political harassment” of an employee, Jason Abdulla and a central committee member of the party, Kwame Mc Coy, who are presently in police custody assisting with investigations into “two serious cases”.

Jason Abdulla and Kwame Mc Coy
Jason Abdulla and Kwame Mc Coy

Here is the full text of the PPP/C statement:

The PPP/C notes with deep concern the continued incarceration without bail of Jason Abdulla, an employee of freedom house and Kwame Mc Coy, a central committee member of the party.

Regarding Abdulla, the seventy-two hours legally permissible period for which a person can be held in police custody has expired but bail has not been granted, despite the repeated requests for bail by the Attorney-at-Law acting on behalf of Abdulla.

Kwame Mc Koy is now in custody for over 24 hours. Visitors have been denied any visitation to these persons. The information received suggests that these persons have been tortured and alleged caution statements have been extracted from them. Abdulla was taken to be seen by a doctor upon the request of his lawyer. One foot is now in plaster of paris.

It is public knowledge that a person, Regan Rodrigues, has already been charged with the murder of Courtney Crum-E-Wing several months ago and those proceedings are still pending. At the time the police publicly claimed that the evidence which they have was sufficient to prove a case of murder against this person, hence the charge.

We find it rather strange that a year after the death of Crum-E-Wing, the police suddenly discovered “new evidence” which allegedly implicates Abdulla and Mc Coy.

We note also that police officer who has been assigned responsibility of investigating this matter has been the subject of some damning allegations made against him by Rodrigues both in and out of Court. These allegations suggest that this officer played a little more than an investigative role in this matter. We therefore contend that this officer cannot be impartial and professional in the discharge of his responsibilities. We believe that this officer was deliberately assigned to this matter.

We regard this and another manifestation of a centrally directed plan to harass, intimidate, witch hunt and persecute PPP members, supporters and their leaders. We had expected the persecution and harassment to be intensified as Local Government Elections come closer and as the explosive Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry’s Report is about to be made public. These political machinations will not succeed as distractions which they are intended to be.

It is obvious that these persons are locked up because of their political views and associations. We call for an immediate halt of this political harassment now and we call for the immediate release of both Abdulla and Mc Koy.



  1. Politics is a very DIRTY game,those who are playing in this game will end up being played, what is very disgusting is the DUMB fools caught in the it,,

  2. PPP demands end to ‘political harassment’ of Abdulla, Mc Coy…says their rights are being violated. How come the PNC police cant find those that threw acid in the face of former AFC member Homattie Singh?
    Look out PPP ministers and look out PPP supporters you are in for a ride of your time..This will soon turned from bling bling to galahar..PNC coming to get it..

  3. All long rope has an end PPP and whats in the dark must come to light.God is good all the time.There will be weaping and moaning and nashing of teeth.

  4. The P.P.P. had no problem or excuses when they arrested and charged people for treason without evidence, and held them for months and years.without trial.At least these men admit to criminal behavior, and and one of the most nefarious acts that can be perpetrated on a living creature and not only a human being. Their .evil is catching up with them and no amount of hollering will save them from the consequences.

  5. PPP very troubled over this case.. this could be their demise in the political arena.Bring them down Granger they must pay for this man death.


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