Masked gunmen terrorise, rob Corentyne family


A Corentyne businessman and his family are now traumatised after three masked men, one armed with a knife and two with guns, carried out a brutal attack on the Port Mourant family on Wednesday evening.

INews understands that Dharmen Ramkisoon was about to close the door to his Lot 339 Train Line, Port Mourant shop when three men, jumped over the front fence and entered his yard.

robberyAccording to Ramkisoon the man carrying the gun held on to him demanding cash and jewelry, he said he was hit several times with the gun and dragged into the shop.

The businessman was taken to the upper flat where he eventually handed over two hundred thousand dollars Guyana currency, US $300 and an undisclosed quantity of jewelry to the thieves.

INews was told that two of the intruders went to the upper flat with Ramkisoon while the other stayed downstairs.
Police are continuing their investigations into the matter.



  1. The Minister claiming Guyana is safe. Everyday you have Bandits terrorising innocent and hardworking citizens. Wake up Minister and start doing something about this spiralling crime scourge before inviting people to come to Guyana.

  2. I understand and agree policemen can’t be on the scene all the time but I can’t comprehend the fact they are never around. It seems the lawmen don’t have pride in their jobs.. Can’t catch these thieves before striking again. The police must make these crooks be afraid of them… Do what it takes so copycats are scared… This is too rampant, punishment should be very severe… They should feel the cruel treatment the victims felt. This must stop!


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