PPP/C’s Presidential candidate in Essequibo, promises relief to rice farmers, more jobs

A section of the crowd gathered in support of Ali
PPP/C Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali in Essequibo

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali on Thursday took his ongoing outreach to Essequibo where he promised to bring relief to struggling rice farmers who turned out in their numbers to support him in Anna Regina.

Many were the complaints and distresses of the farmers who decried the harsh hand being presently dealt to them.

The farmers revealed to Ali that rice millers in the region are taking advantage of them, leaving them and their families to suffer as a result of not being paid for their produce.

However, Ali assured the gathering that if elected, his Government will ensure that an intervention into the plight of the farmers is launched.

According to the presidential candidate, his Government will aim to meet with millers to put a fair system in place.

A section of the crowd gathered in support of Ali

Further, Ali revealed the People’s Progressive Party’s intentions to negotiate with the banks to reschedule loans for suffering farmers, noting that the Party is committed to the rice industry and working closely with rice farmers.

“We will develop a strategy to bring down the cost of production of rice and seek new markets, the PPP/C Government is committed to the rice industry and will work closely with the rice farmers to help them” Ali said.

Ali also visited residents of Charity who threw their support behind the former Housing Minister.

During remarks, Ali told the community that he will be a President for all Guyanese and will be working in the best interest of all Guyanese.

“I am committed to the PPP manifesto… Guyanese are taxed to death by this government, they are killing all the sectors, my government will correct all that and give incentives to businesses and allow them to grow…” Ali promised.

The candidate condemned the current Administration and its wasteful spending noting that this will all be corrected under his leadership.

“This government is wastefully spending over $10 to $15 billion dollars on dietary, security, entertainment and overseas traveling when that money can be spent on the children transportation and the school uniform grant”.

“Under my leadership, VAT will be removed from water and electricity, incentives will be given to the poor farmers that are presently struggling for survival… we will create job opportunities, reopen the three sugar estates that were closed by the APNU / AFC government, upgrade the health care system and other government services, opening up new opportunities, especially for the youths” Ali said as he gave his commitment.



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