PPP confident of majority win at next elections


By Kurt Campbell

PPP 1[www.inewsgauyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) on Monday (December 9) reiterated its confidence of being ready for any elections, whether Local Government or General.

The party has over the past months been exuberating great confidence that not only is it ready for elections but can and will regain its majority in the National Assembly when it occurs.

“I’m as confident as confident can be”

These comments were made by General Secretary of the Party Clement Rohee following an outreach by its Central Committee Members in Albion, East Coretyne Berbice at the weekend.

Rohee said the Party’s efforts to reconnect and strengthen links with the working people featured prominently. He added that the party will be giving great attention to its youth arm – the Progressive Youth Organization – and its women arm to ensure that they too are prepared for any political eventuality.

When asked about indicators of the Party’s readiness, Rohee said the PPP from an organizational perspective has always been ready. He said his Party is always on the ground and has a reputation of being the most organized political party in Guyana.

He further added that the PPP has learned the hard way of what not continuously being on the ground can cause and as such been putting in some hard work in that regard.

According to the General Secretary, the Party’s leadership has taken note of a sinister plot by some sections of the media and the opposition to destabilize Guyana’s economy by attacking foreign direct investment.

He told reporters that the PPP is seeking to adopt a more aggressive strategy to expose and dismantle “an obstructionist agenda.”

Rohee said the Central Committee has promised not to let the Opposition go unchallenged at any point.



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