PPP condemns removal of Permanent Secretaries


Freedom-House[www.inewsguyana.com] – Guyana’s main opposition Party – the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has described the removal of two Permanent Secretaries as unlawful.

iNews had reported that Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Communities (formerly Ministry of Local Government), Collin Croal along with Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Indigenous People Affairs (formerly Ministry of Amerindian Affairs), Nigel Dharamlall have been sent home until further notice.

In response to this, the PPP in a statement noted “We note the unlawful removal from office of two Permanent Secretaries, the dismissal of several employees in government and state agencies, the demotion and transfer, as well as, the reduction of remuneration of most of the Presidential Guards and the capricious disciplinary sanction imposed on a senior official of the Child Care and Protection Agency.”

According to the PPP, the employees are being punished “simply on the basis of their perceived professional support for the Peoples Progressive Party Administration.”

While the details surrounding the sending home of the Permanent Secretaries are unclear, the two men have been reluctant to comment on the issues. Newly sworn in President, David Granger had recently stated that he accepted the resignation of those PS who resigned to join the elections campaign of the PPP/C.

Both Croal and Dharamlall were present during the PPP’s campaign and had resigned but withdrew their resignations shortly before the APNU+AFC was announced the winner.

When contacted on Friday evening, Croal told iNews that he does wish to comment on the issue and is awaiting an official or public pronouncement on the decision from the Minister of Communities.



  1. These HYPOCRITES and DICTATORS seem to find a pleasure in telling you what you must and must not do.Who are they to lecture and dictate to an intelligent Coalition how to do their job,when they MESSED UP,when they had the reins of power.They themselves got rid of those who they felt or believed would not have worked in their interest,by the way,they are accustomed to double talking.Can anyone really trust these JOKERS?YES,believe it or not,the diehards and puppets,who can`t think for themselves.Very PATHETIC.

  2. Every new administration will have the PS of their choice and have the democratic right to retain or remove as they see fit….In this case, the new administration will now have intellectual, articulated, educated,diplomatic individuals who will represent the county. I return, Guyana will be viewed and respected in the regional and international arena. Unlike the previous administration who made this country the laughing stock to every and any country they came into contact with. No Intellect, No education, NO diplomacy within diplomatic corps, actually, nothing of any merit or worth….Nothing

  3. The first thing the PPP did when they took over in 1992 was to fire all of the heads of various state agencies. Then, the subsequently started going through each agency, restructuring them and putting PPP loyalists in all the key management areas, regardless of their suitability for the position. This is actually the reason why many of these agencies cannot function properly. At this point, I find anything the PPP has to say as being highly irrelevant. Seriously they should go away, regroup and return to serve as a proper opposition to the current administration. This is the only way they can serve Guyana properly.

  4. A year ago the ppp was never in the drivers seat It was pnc Granger calling the Shots
    Then Nagga and Ramjathan join up remember. 50—50.thats Unity.

  5. When the APNU+AFC remove/fire someone from their position, it’s unlawful? but when the PPP/C was in charge, and wanted to remove someone they, Oh! sorry, I forgot, they never really had to, Roger Khan took care of that part for them. PPP?C you’re no longer running the “camp” SO SHUT UP, SIT YOUR ARSES DOWN, and watch how real government works.

  6. This is so hypocritical. Every new administration does this,including the PPP/C back in 92. Examples_ they seem to have conveniently forgotten Adam Harris, editor of K-News was one booted out and according to him, he has not received his pension as of the time of writing. His sister who was in the Diplomatic Service suffered the same faith. The wife of Freddie Kissoon was also removed from her job. So why all of the fuss about the removals by the Granger administration when the PPP did the same.This is the usual cost of business when a government changes. So why the bull. Stop this crap and get about the business of moving our country forward.

  7. This NEW Coalition government has a DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to relieve anyone of his/her duty,if it finds that individual sabotaging its efforts to progress its business.The PPP/C is so accustomed to being dictatorial,that they want to dictate to this New administration who must stay or go.THAT ERA IS OVER,BE REALISTIC IF YOU MAY.

  8. A year ago, the PPP was in the driver’s seat. Today, after refusing to get into the trunk, it choose to be dragged while tied to the back of the vehicle.
    “Watch that bump, Duckie!”
    “Careful with that hole, B’rat!”
    “Ooops! Sorry, Nailman!”
    “Aaaah! Anybody seen Rotee Goatee or Roger Rabbit?”


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