PPP celebrates 65th anniversary with pledge to create a just, united Guyana


A-section-of-the-thousands-rallying-for-the-PPPC-at-the-launch-of-the-party’s-elections-campaign-on-Sunday-at-Albion-Corentyne-Berbice[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has announced that it is marking its 65th anniversary.

According to a PPP release “this makes the PPP not only the oldest but also the largest and most respected political party in the country.”

The PPP says it is proud of the role it has played “in the granting of internal self-government and subsequently in the struggle for political independence to the then colony of British Guyana after over 150 years of British colonial rule. The records will show that it was the PPP that led the struggle for universal adult suffrage and other constitutional advances including the current ministerial system of government.”

Regrettably, the Party says it “suffered a major blow in 1955 when Forbes Burnham and a group of opportunists broke away and formed their own Party but the Party displayed remarkable resilience to emerge even stronger winning all subsequent elections until it was engineered out of office through the intrigues and machinations of vested interests in the 1964 elections.”

the release added “the PPP is on record as the only political party in Guyana that has never lost a free and fair elections in Guyana. It has was kept out of office for close to three decades through a combination of force and fraud unleashed by the PNC regime but like a phoenix it once again re-emerged from the ashes to win a resounding victory in the elections of October 1992 which brought an end to twenty-eight years of authoritarian rule.

Today, the PPP is again in the driver’s seat leading the struggle for a democratic, free and prosperous Guyana. As in the past, dark forces are again ganging up to destabilize the PPP and the PPP/C government and to thwart the country’s forward march.”

The PPP says it is “confident that like in the past these forces will be defeated and the Party will again emerge stronger and victorious.” The PPP says too that it “pledges to continue to work hard to create a just and prosperous Guyana where every Guyanese, regardless of race, religion or creed would be provided with the opportunity to realize their full potential and benefit from the economic and social gains that the country.”



  1. Roy Etal, one of the dilemmas facing the PPP/C is that it’s membership and supporters have become apathetic because they believe that they are being disenfranchised !!! That’s a fact and that contributed to its decline in support… What is true is that it has gradually been winning the support across the racial barrier …. The PPP is firmly rooted in its class outlook UNFORTUNATELY it has been overpowered and run over by the corrupt business class …… Who are now making deals with the Opposition in event things go south ! Wha candle fly a show yuhb nah need moonlight fuh see !

  2. Happy new year first off. If I have to give you ONE genuine example to my statement then you have not looked around our home land. I am from a biracial family Indian and black so lets not start going where I know your going with the statement I made. Who ever is in power takes care of his own. We can’t keep doing this.The past is HISTORY we should learn from it not repeat it over and over.

  3. Only one. How about not giving qualified black Guyanese ambassadors positions instead giving those positions to unqualified Indians. That was revealed at Mr. Freddie, King Kong trial Where Luncheon admitted that they were black Guyanese who were more qualified that the Indians who were chosen and they were over looked. Hope that one helps, I have got a lots more

  4. Well said ,,thank you Roy,,it would be so nice if we all think Guyanese, it would be so nice to see the PEOPLE of Guyana living like we did in the great days of such a beautiful harmony, less fighting and more living,,One People One nation and work to build our country God Bless Guyana,,,

  5. I wish the PPP would work for everyone not just one group of people. Race should not play apart in democratic and free country. It’s sad when I see the BS between Indian and blacks. Stop living in the pass and start working as one people and one nation.


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