PPP attempts to ‘buy out’ 3 opposition MPs at $30M each – AFC alleges


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

From R- L: AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, Chairman Nigel Hughes, Executive Member Moses Nagamootoo
From R- L: AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan, Chairman Nigel Hughes, Executive Member Moses Nagamootoo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) today (Thursday, September 18), made a startling revelation; saying the Party’s Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan has received information that the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is trying to buy the support of three opposition members in the National Assembly.

This move is reportedly aimed at guaranteeing the governing Party a majority vote when the pending no – confidence motion is debated in the House, sometime after October 10 (the end of the current parliamentary recess).

Ramjattan said, “We have gotten reliable information that PPP’s answer to a no confidence motion… is to at least buy off three parliamentarians at $30 million each to vote no rather than yes, that’s the only way so all that they are saying that they have an option that’s the only option they have.”  

The AFC on August 07 hardened its position in going forward with a vote of no – confidence against the Donald Ramotar led administration by submitting the document to Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs.

Thought he has been guaranteed support by his opposition counterpart, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Ramjattan says he cannot say if all opposition members will support the motion with a “yes vote” when it is debated.

The AFC and APNU, together, hold a one seat majority in the House.

“I believe that this principal position can go through and they [Opposition MPs] will have to act in accordance with their conscious and mortality in keeping with the high standards…but we can never know probably the price will even jump higher,” the AFC Leader said.

Ramjattan did not reveal which opposition Party members the PPP is in talks with for their support.

The AFC has also put measures in place to ensure its members do not buy into the PPP’s plot. To this end, Ramjattan believes his MPs will hold true to the Party’s position.

He said he could not speak for APNU but said from all indication, that Party’s membership in the House (26) will vote ‘yes’ on the Motion.

Ramjattan said “there is no wiggling out of this one”, since the Constitution states explicitly that if such a motion is passed the President has no choice but to dissolve his Cabinet and call fresh elections within 90 days.

“It is my legal opinion that there is absolutely nothing therein that causes that to be subjected to judicial review, but of course knowing the busy body called Anil Nandlall [Attorney General] he may very well want to take it to the Chief Justice.” He added.

Meanwhile, AFC Executive Member Moses Nagamotoo said the Party is proceeding with its plans and because of its stern position the PPP is having “political diarrhea.”

Nagamotto is confident that the APNU will support the AFC; adding that its ultimate goal, just like the AFC, is to get the PPP out of office.



  1. your founding fadder teach all of you how to lie and when caught in your own lies you run . advise them to go to police with the info since it would be criminal to do so you big dunce

  2. This whole thing is a ploy because these losers are caught at the crossroads.

    APNU is having fun with the one seat parliamentary majority and would wish that this continues. However, they wouldn’t mind supporting a “no confidence motion” if the AFC agrees for a coalition because this is their only hope of a possible win. We know otherwise because they will NEVER WIN.

    The real problem is there are major differences within the AFC about forming a coalition with the PNC aka APNU. People like Trotman and Hughes don’t mind joining with the PNC, because Raphael will be “going back home” while Hughes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, has always been a supporter of the PNC. Others (will not mention names) will never join hands with the PNC in a government. They are not the likes of Rupert Roopnarine.

    This is where the situation is at, APNU will withdraw their “no confidence” support (already diverted to LGE talk) so AFC strategy WILL collapse. This talk about the PPP bribing parliamentarians is pure balderdash. What a cop out!!

    The only good about this is the AFC has taken a break on parroting their major cause: the Procurement Commission.

  3. PPP running scared of AFC, Mike? Well, it should, given that so many secret deals are up for review and the gravy train may be coming in to its last station. The PNC is suddenly looking buyer-friendly, eh?

  4. A red herring from the AFC. Let them name the 3 for sale and then we will believe. If they can’t they should put up.

  5. What is wrong with the picture? If you are inferrring protocol, then Khemraj is the AFC Leader. Nigel is the Chairman. Moses is the Vice Chairman. If the party ratifies the Moses-Nigel ticket, then at future meetings, protocol requires Moses takes the centre seat.


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