PPP, APNU+AFC at loggerheads over invitation to form Gov’t

President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger

By Jomo Paul

Prime Minister elect,  Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister elect, Moses Nagamootoo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) says it has not received any invitation from recently elected President David Granger to be part and parcel of an inclusive government, but Prime Minister elect Moses Nagamootoo has refuted the Party’s claim.

The PPP is contending that President Granger’s call for a government of National Unity is a merely a “political gimmick” labelling it as deceptive.

“The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) wishes to label as deceptive the pronouncements made in the press by Leader of the APNU-AFC Coalition David Granger that he has invited the PPP/C to join “a national unity movement”…. to date, we have received no formal or informal invitation from the APNU/AFC on this issue. The pronouncement, therefore of Granger, is a political gimmick and nothing else,” a statement from the Party noted.

But according to Nagamootoo, the PPP is still trying to adapt to its position of being in Opposition, noting that the Party clearly lacks focus.

Former President Donald Ramotar.
Former President Donald Ramotar.

He said that although the President would have publicly made the offer, any hopes of a Unity government are being castigated by the PPP.

“When President Granger was sworn in he said it very clearly; we extend an olive branch to the Opposition….I think the branch was broken before it fell on the ground because we hear the opposition talking about not accepting the results…so they are in a dilemma,” Nagamootoo said in an interview.

“I extend the arm of friendship to former president, Donald Ramotar, and the members of the PPP to join this great movement of national unity,” President Granger said on Saturday May 17 moments after he took the oath of office.

The Head of State also stated “We the Guyanese people have chosen to inaugurate a ‘government of national unity’ and to promote our multi-party, inclusionary partnership. We are convinced that this is the best way to overcome our historic divisions.”



  1. There is a old saying, “one rotten apple spoil the whole bag” our new president is indeed a God Fearing and forgivable man, to invite the band of thieves and corrupt people for inclusivity, that is what God would have done too, because he came for sinners like the PPP and not the rightoues like APNU+AFC. The least the corrupt ongoing Government could have done is have the decency and God Like spirit to say thanks to our beloved, dignified and honourable president, come to repentance of their corrupt and bloody ways and join hands with the APNU+AFC for the prosperity of Guyana.

  2. I’m with you Sham Lall. Camp and Durban streets should be the final stop for these little Caesars.

  3. it is only natural for the opposition to received a written invitation from the President,if he really wants inclusiveness ,sent donald a formal invitation .don”t try to fool the people further MR PRESIDENT.

  4. Madam Editor, Normally most of my comments are deleted by you because of me supporting the PPP, but I would like to say the that the PPP should never trust the PNC.
    Guyana is now in control of an undemocratic government, who will share out the pie among themselves and lead Guyana into bankruptcy again.

  5. Sour grapes. Hypocracy to say the least. They made the same mistake Mr. Burnham made. He allowed that window of opportunity to pass by when he teamed up with the UF rather than the PPP. The latter made the same mistake for 23 years. So now they are accusing the President of not being sincere in his call for unity. Really Mr.PPP?

  6. Mr Granger I beg you leave well alone .The opposition needs to learn about ethics, protocol and decorum before there fit to join any national discussion.

  7. Its a good the President is doing, but I dont think they are trustworthy. he should give it some time.

  8. Excuses and more excuses from a pro of making excuses.
    Invite now, RIGHT NOW.
    Put your money where your mouth iz MR Nagamootoo.


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