Porter drowns after attempting to swim across Barima River


A porter from Port Kaituma,  Region One, drowned on Thursday while attempting to swim across the Barima River, North West District (NWD).

Dead is 22-year-old Franklyn Benjamin of Four Miles, Port Kaituma. He was a truck porter and would assist in delivering food supplies and fuel to various backdams.

The police say on Sunday last, Benjamin and his crew left Port Kaituma to deliver food supplies and fuel in the backdam as they would normally do.

About two days later, they stopped at the Barima River which was high at the time and prevented them from crossing. They waited for another two days for the water to recede but continuous heavy rainfall prevented same.

Out of frustration, on Thursday about 17:30 hours, the young man attempted to swim across the said river which is about 65 feet in width, with heavy water current.

Whilst in the middle of the river, Benjamin shouted for help and his crew members attempted to rescue him but their efforts were futile.

The deceased went down into the water and did not surface.

He was fished out of the water by his crew members and escorted to Port Kaituma District Hospital, where he was pronounced death by the doctor on duty.

Investigations are ongoing.