Pomeroon boat mishap leaves teen hospitalised

Police ranks at Charity on the Essequibo Coast are currently grilling a male who was involved in a boat Collison at Kabakaburi, Upper Pomeroon River.
According to information reaching INews, Noreen Thomas, 39, from Kabakuburi, was driving a wooded balahoo when her boat collided with another.  Investigations revealed that her boat measured 13 ft x 4ft and was powered by 15 Hp. She was said to be going home with her daughter when the mishap occurred around 12:00 hrs on December 27.
It is alleged that one Raymond Chance, 52, of  Kabakuburi, drove into Thomas’ boat hence injuring her daughter who was sitting in the middle. His wooden balahoo boat measured 18ft x 5ft. The 15-year-old daughter of Noreen Thomas is currently hospitalised and the captain of the other boat has since admitted to police that he caused  the collison. Police are currently conducting their investigations.


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