Jealous ex-lover chops off woman’s hand in Berbice

Bhartie Udho

…mother also hospitalised with chop wounds

Police are on the hunt for a former Tapir driver after he severed the hand of a woman who he claimed to have loved and chopped her mother several times.

The incident took place on Christmas Eve at Number 70 Village, Corentyne Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).

The injured women have been identified as 23-year-old Bhartie Udho, and her 42-year-old mother Amika Udho, both of whom are presently hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

According to reports, the two women and three other family members left home to go to Corriverton for a ‘Christmas Eve walk’.

According to Abdul Ali, he heard screams shortly after his family left home. Ali said as he ran out one of his daughters was rushing home. He also notice the suspect opposite his home. “I see he going through the street with a cutlass in his hand and then I run and see my wife lie down in blood. She had a chop on her chest and one on her forehead and I go to pick her up and she say to go and check my daughter.”

According to Ali, his daughter was a short distance away with multiple chops and one hand severed. “Was share blood and just the skin holding the hand…,” he related.

The suspect has been identified as Shamar Mohamed Ali also known as ‘Crab Man’. He has since gone into hiding.

Reports are that the family of the injured women had secured a restraining order from the court preventing the suspect from coming within a certain distance of them.

This follows attempts by the suspect to kidnap the younger Udho on four occasions. According to Ali, twice in 2012 the man kidnapped his daughter and on both occasions she managed to escape during the night when he was asleep. He claimed similar incidents also occurred in 2013 and 2015.

Following the last incident, the teacher again managed to escape and return home, but the ‘uncontrollable man’ attempted to break into Ali’s house to get her.

Ali said the man with whom his daughter had a relationship in 2011 ripped off the hinges from his door before help came.

It was then that the family was able to secure the restraining order.

Meanwhile, the young lady had to give up her teaching job because of being stalked and as a means of escaping kidnapping attempts.

Ali is of the view that officers at the Skeldon Police Station have done nothing to assist his family and have not acted adequately on any of the reports that his daughter has made. “Every time they pick him (suspect) up and they tell us that we got to go to court, nothing don’t happen. When we go to court no case don’t call and the police release him. I fed-up running to the station…,” Ali said in grief.

The hunt continues for the suspect.

(Andrew Carmichael)


  1. Well the truth nothing of the sort haven”t been done to any of my family member, but but am not sure how i will handle it………………what i want to say is give the man who that the full hand of the law………..HOPEFUL THAT WILL BE DONE…….

  2. Let’s get King kong bull on this,the monkey is always blogging when it’s the cowboys,shout out loud now who killing and destroying Indians,this is so sad for this young lady,The coward will now dring dall or hang himself. I said it before these people are a danger to themselves


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