Pollard not happy with team performance, admits to high expectation


[www.inewsguyana.com]Former National Captain and Coach of the Slingerz Football Club Charles ‘Lilly’ Pollard said that he was not too pleased with his team’s performance, despite the ‘West Side’ club clinching a 3 – 1 victory over Cougars Football Club in their first GFA/Banks Beer Knock-out tournament.

The still relatively new club was led by their Trinidad and Tobago and Malabar FC guest player Kevon Woodley who netted a double and Jamal Harvey; however Pollard believes that the team could’ve shown a bit more effort.

Speaking to reporters after the club’s maiden game in the third installation of the championship, Pollard noted “I think the guys they underestimated the Berbice team and didn’t really played according to plan.”

Bankrolled by a businessman with a vision of having the best football club, Slingerz FC made a massive splash onto to the local football scene; assembling some of the best players Guyana has to offer and Pollard noted that high expectations can put the club under pressure every time it steps out to play.

“We are in a position unlike many teams around because of our name we have to perform. Because of the quality of players we have on the team, we always have to go out there and make sure we always give a good account of ourselves because people think so highly of us.”

He added “this can work for and against us but it’s something the players not have to get use too because tonight we didn’t really look like the team people have to win this tournament.”

Asked if the composition of the team and the acquisition of new players probably could be used as an excuse for team, Pollard said “No, I mean these are all players who played on the national team and are familiar with each other and we have been together long enough. But I think the guys are a little rusty because since we won the league, like over two weeks ago, we haven’t played no competitive football so maybe you can say that”.

The once feared defender said that what he’s please with is that the team has a following and people always expect them to do well.

“That’s something you don’t really get. Most people really don’t like ‘Big Clubs’ because they they normally support the underdogs. But its different for us. People expect us to win every game by big margins and I think that will do good for the guys to go out there and play well and know that they are people who are depending on them to always do well and so they will actually work hard,” the former National Captain noted.

Slingerz will now face another Berbice team, Monedderlust on Sunday December 22 at a venue to be announced by the organisers.

“We have a little time to get it right” Pollard said, adding “We will probably try to get a few practice games because sometimes training among yourself, you can only do so much.”



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